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December 28, 2011
LANCASTER- Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney picked up the endorsement of State Senator John Gallus during the former governor's bus tour of Coos County. Gallus said Romney was a "fiscal conservative" and that he could bring change to Washington. Romney campaigned in Littleton, Lancaster, Randolph and Berlin last Thursday.

Gallus praised the group of Republican presidential hopefuls, but settled on Romney because of his experience. He said his second choice was Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who is seen as an emerging challenger to Romney.

Gallus also said, that the budget is his primary focus as the legislative session begins in January. This region, he noted, is very dependent on public assistance and he wants to make sure the budget shortfall doesn't fall disproportionately on the North Country. He also noted that there would be an improved bill to lease Cannon Mountain that would support a veteran's park at Cannon. Gallus praised the management of Cannon's Park Manager John DeVivio, but has long felt privatization would benefit the region.

Martin Lord Osman
Varney Smith
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