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December 27, 2011
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain School Board reviewed recommendations from the joint budget committee and approved a finalized bottom line for the Fiscal Year 2013 Budget at its meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 20.

The joint budget committee recommended trimming $127,416 from the budget, but the Prospect Mountain Finance Committee recommended trimming an additional $56,760 from the budget.

This produced an adjusted reduction of $70,656, which resulted in bottom line total budget for FY 2013 of $6,899,751.

Eunice Landry explained that the finance committee eliminated the following reductions from the budget committee's recommendations: $5,435 in dues and fees for several different departments that allows teachers and administrators to be members of different professional organizations, in the 1140 technology account; $2,110 for wireless, $16,100 for replacements in the computer lab and $1,000 for phones, bells and network equipment, in 1200 special education account; $1,795 that would have been a two percent raise, in the 2220 library and media account; $7,115 for projectors and $2,500 in books, in the 2320 principal's account; $5,500 for an increase in the vice principal's salary and $2,000 for food for school functions and in the 2600 building maintenance account; $15,000 for electricity.

The board unanimously approved eliminating several items from the budget that joint budget committee recommended and those items included: a Euphonium for the 1100 general education account, $5,246 for servers and $11,200 for computers in the 1140 technology account, $2,250 in the 2210 improvement of instruction account, $1,795 in the 1200 special education account that would have resulted in a two percent raise, $6,000 in the distance learning 2224 account, $27,315 in the 2320 superintendent's account for a two percent raise, $13,000 for field maintenance and $1,185 in repairs and maintenance in the 2600 building maintenance account and $1,300 in the 2724 transportation for athletics account.

The board also reviewed the three warrant articles that will be on the ballot in March.

Article 1 is for the improvement of instruction fund totaling $30,000 that is split between Barnstead and Alton based on student enrollment, Article 2 is for a contingency fund that is split using the same ratio and will be based one percent of the final bottom line budget and Article 3 is for $50,000 that is split evenly between Barnstead and Alton and will be added to the PMHS general maintenance fund.

Shayna Sweezy reported to the board that the holiday concert that was held in mid-December was a success.

Sweezy also reported that the National Honor Society collected more than 300 toys for a Toys For Tots drive that was held at PMHS.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomucci gave high praise to the chorus and the band for their performance at the holiday concert and called it "spectacular."

The board approved keeping the current contractor for driver's education, which has a cost of $650 per student, for one more year. After this contract expires, the board will put the program out to bid to obtain the most competitive rate.

Cathy Fraser thanked the board for supporting the library budget for the FY 2013 budget.

The next scheduled meeting of the Prospect Mountain High School Board is on Tuesday, Jan. 3, at 6:30 p.m. at the Prospect Mountain High School library.

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