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County commissioners creating policy to help employees with financial needs

December 22, 2011
OSSIPEE — As the county commissioners announced they are recommending all county employees receive a 30 cent-per-hour raise in 2012 rather than a percentage increase, they also seem to recognize that many of the worker are having trouble meeting regular living expenses.

"As I've said to them and said to the union, Carroll County Board of Commissioners looks after our employees. Whatever we can do to help them we will do it as long as it is documented, reasonable and so forth," Carroll County Commissioner David Sorensen told the county delegation last week.

Sorensen was informing the delegates that county employees who are experiencing financial hardship and are unable to pay their mortgage and heating expenses have been granted payroll advances.

"In some cases we've approved advances and in other cases we've denied it. We are committed to looking after our employees especially those who are dedicated and have provided a service to the county," said Sorensen.

"We are coming up with a policy because it is starting to hit the fan, so to speak. There are more people coming. We are coming up with a policy to help us determine what is a hardship and what isn't. We look at documentation, length of service, job ethics and get recommendations from department heads," said Sorensen.

Currently, three county departments operate under negotiated union contracts the nursing home, jail, and sheriff's department. Sorensen is working with the nursing home and jail union to get that contract finalized by January.

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