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Tuftonboro Capital Improvements Plan presented

December 22, 2011
TUFTONBORO — Tuftonboro's Capital Improvements Program (CIP) committee presented a 25-page report to the budget committee at its Dec. 6 meeting in the Town House.

The report contains a 10-year plan developed after intensive information-gathering from the Board of Selectmen (BOS), department heads, committee and commission chairs, the Governor Wentworth Regional School District superintendent and the town's representative to the school board, and the Carroll County delegation.

With many of the town's employees in attendance, in addition to the selectmen and the budget committee, Chairman Terry White led the audience through the committee's charts, proposals, comments and recommendations, all made with an eye on the town's capital capacity and spending patterns.

White emphasized that the committee serves only in an advisory capacity. The selectmen will develop the budget. The budget committee will make its recommendations, and ultimately, the voters will decide what projects move forward.

The CIP committee has proposed 10 warrant articles for the 2012 town meeting. While Selectmen Chair Bill Stockman warned that the list "might be a little different" when the selectmen submit their final list in January, it serves as a preview of what is to come and offers the opportunity for citizens to ask questions and give feedback to both the board and the budget committee.

The list includes warrant articles for: 1) replacement of the fire apparatus "10-Utility-2" for $70,000, to be financed with a five-year lease/purchase agreement; 2) repair of specified road/culvert/bridge projects for $70,000 from current taxes (selectmen list them in the Highway Department Operating Budget); and 3) paving projects amounting to $185,000, also from current taxes.

Lang Pond Road is to come in for rebuilding and repair, a project previously postponed, for which the engineering and permitting process is complete. The price on that is $585,000 from current taxes. Mirror Lake stands to gain in improvement of its water quality.

Rebuilding and improvements to the Mirror Lake boat launch off Route 109 are estimated at $33,000, with funding subject to a $13,000 grant arranged by the Mirror Lake Protective Association to partially offset the cost.

The CIP list also includes: $75,000 for the library's existing capital reserve fund; $45,000 for milfoil control measures in 2012; and an appropriation of $15,500 to purchase a baler for the Transfer Station.

The warrant for a new fire station, to be funded with long-term financing, estimates a price of $2,151,944.

The committee also recommends creating a capital reserve of $75,000 from current taxes for police facilities.

Copies of the report are available at the Tuftonboro Free Library and the Town Offices.

White thanked his committee members for their hard work. They are: Vice-chairman Bill Marcussen; Secretary Kristen Pike; Jill Cromwell; Planning Board Representative John Lapolla; John Simms; BOS Representative Carolyn Sundquist; and Budget Committee Representative Ted Wright.

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