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Ron Paul visits Berlin

Photo by Tara Giles Dr. Ron Paul holds a meet and greet after addressing local supporters on Nov. 10th in Berlin. (click for larger version)
November 30, 2011
BERLIN–Dr. Ron Paul addressed a crowd of about 60 people recently at Berlin's Chalet Inn. Folks from every walk of life were in attendance, including Sen. John Gallus.

It was an intimate setting in which voters were allowed to stand up and ask questions of the 12 year Texas congressman. Such topics brought to the table were social security, nuclear energy, job increases and how, if elected, he plans on cutting the Federal budget.

In a one on one interview, Dr. Paul put it simply when asked why he wants to be president.

"Well, I don't like the direction of the country" he went to explain "I want it to go in the direction of following the Constitution. Government is way too big, we spend too much money, our debt is too big, we're fighting too many wars and we're bankrupting our own country. That is why we don't have jobs. We need to stop spending all of this money and let the people spend it and change the tax code."

What sets Ron Paul apart from the other candidates in his own words is that "None of them are purposing any real cuts, they think that just cutting the potential increases later on, will be enough and that's why I propose cutting $1 trillion dollars in the first year." Paul said that he "wants to save money from being spent over seas on all of this foriegn aid and wars, I want the money spent at home."

Under a Paul presidency the departments of Education, Housing and Urban Development, Energy, Commerce and Interior would be no longer. This elimination would save about $179 billion dollars from the federal budget and cut a substantial amount of federal jobs. Paul claims that he would not lay anyone off, but transfer them to other departments.

The co-captain for the Ron Paul 2012 campaign for Coos County, Eric Catman commented on his chances of becoming president.

"Ron Paul does have as good a chance as anyone in the top tier. The polls show him as all over the place, however, if you look at all the straw polls he wins, it would surprise you. Yet, if you follow the 'main stream media' they all but ignore the fact that he is doing extremely well."

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