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Cowie continues journey of writing and healing

Photo by Edith Tucker Margaret Cowie of Stark has written her second book, “A Journey of Healing,” a fictionalized sequel to her memoir, “No Regrets, My Love.” (click for larger version)
November 30, 2011
STARK — Margaret Cowie, who wrote her memoir — "No Regrets, My Love" — in 2009 following the death of her husband, Will, has written a sequel, "A Journey of Healing: The Widow-Bago Tour."

This time, however, Cowie has fused fact with fiction to tell the story of how she has struggled to come to terms with the sudden loss of her husband in an industrial accident.

She describes the connection she makes with the people she meets and talks to while promoting and selling copies of her book: "I knew I was in my element during the question and answer sessions. … People just like me were feeling the devastating pain of loss and couldn't find their way to open a gate toward healing. They were engulfed with feelings of guilt, thinking perhaps they could have done something to prevent their loved one's death. The drowning pool of sorrow was forcing them to tread water to stay alive, unable to think about anything else. I walked that same path." This book is based on several book signings, but she did not actually tour three New England states in a Winnebago.

But Cowie, helped by a grief therapist she connects with through Catholic Charities, did turn to writing, and she inspires those who come to her book-signing sessions. "I had accepted my new role and it was actually what gave me a reason to live," she writes. When Will died, she recalls, "I fell apart and wanted to die. I was prepared to give up my entire life in order to cross over and have my soul reunited with Will's. Then I was inspired to write my memoir. I had a strong, haunting desire to write all night long for months and can't explain why — but I do strongly believe God was behind it."

Cowie has remained living in Stark where she maintains trails on 27 acres of land. She can walk with her Siberian Huskies to enjoy the view of the Percy Peaks from a bench at an outlook point, and does farm chores around the place, such as building a gate, replacing a 14-foot bridge, and mowing with a 1951 Farmall tractor. Grief is still a part of her life and Cowie speaks of the many, many tears she has shed. She is convinced that Will remains near her and is able to intervene and send her subtle messages.

"Will comes to me in my dreams," Cowie explained in a Saturday afternoon interview in Lancaster.

Cowie believes that she will likely write and publish a third book, but looks forward to the author signings for this one.

She will be signing copies of "A Journey of Healing" at the Gingerbread Bazaar this Saturday at the Stark Village School. On Dec. 10 she will be at the Groveton Public Library, and on Jan. 14 at SaVoir Flare (www.savoirflarenh.com) at 52 Main Street in Berlin.

Martin Lord Osman
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