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Barnstead planners discuss zoning ordinance changes

November 29, 2011
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Planning Board held a work session on Thursday, Nov. 17, and spent the majority of the meeting discussing zoning ordinance changes.

Chairman Dave Murley said he had received an e-mail form town attorney Mark Puffer regarding the placement of language about cell phone towers in the zoning ordinance and non-residential site plan document.

Murley continued, saying that the cell towers should also be included in the definitions and the table of use allowed in the commercial and residential/agricultural zones.

Puffer is concerned that the people might not want to give the planning board that kind of authority, but he agreed with the suggestions.

The description should be added into the non-residential site-plan document, so when technology is updated, it will be easier to update the site-plan document.

Murley said he would write up a proposed definition and bring it before the board at the next meeting.

Another change to the zoning ordinance will be bringing the ZBA regulations into compliance with the state.

Murley mentioned that Pittsfield is having their first public hearing next week.

Recording secretary Paula Vardaro asked if wording needed to be developed for the growth management sections, and Murley said he needed to look at the numbers from the blotter book to come up with some language to keep the growth ordinance.

The board briefly discussed the sunset date of 2014 and the justification for the keeping it in the zoning ordinance.

Murley talked to the board about a presentation by the Lakes Region Planning Commission to the Master Plan Committee in early November, saying that it was a very informative meeting.

The committee discussed the survey that needs to be sent out and possibilities and the time frame for distribution.

Murley talked to the board about a pair of letters that he has composed.

A lawyer for Jane Powers' lot line adjustment requested a letter for her mortgage company, explaining the non-conforming lot, and the other letter was to Lorraine Stevens for the Omni camp subdivision, stating that no future subdivisions can occur.

The board looked at comparisons of fees by local municipalities for cell towers.

The board discussed the fees and agreed that Gilmanton had the best fee schedule, only that the foundation fee should be increased from $.07 per square foot to $.10 per square foot.

The board also discussed setting up a fee schedule for commercial construction.

Currently there are no fees in place for construction, only for plumbing, electrical and renovations. The board is concerned that if the old Timco property is sold and new buildings are proposed that no fees are in place.

The board also discussed bringing the current building permit fees in line with the other towns' fees, which charge by the square foot instead of a flat fee.

Murley said that at the next meeting the language will be ready the zoning ordinance amendments and the site-plan review application.

The board will be able to make comments so that a public hearing can be held in January.

The next scheduled meeting on the Barnstead Planning Board is on Thursday, Dec. 1, at 7 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall.

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