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Rappaport one of 2 state reps to ask that Obama's name be struck from primary ballot

Photo by Edith Tucker California attorney Dr. Orly Taitz, left, Rep. Larry Rappaport of Colebrook, Rep. Harry Accornero of Laconia, and Clarksville moderator Roger Sylvester held a strategy session on Friday in the State House cafeteria two hours before the state Ballot Law Commission met. Taitz testified on the two repsí behalf, asserting that Obama is ineligible to be listed on the stateís Democratic presidential primary ballot. (click for larger version)
November 22, 2011
CONCORD — Rep. Larry Rappaport of Colebrook teamed up with Rep. Harry Accornero of Laconia to support a California lawyer and dentist, Dr. Orly Taitz, who filed a complaint with the Secretary of State's Office challenging President Barrack Obama's eligibility to be listed on the state's Democratic presidential primary ballot.

The five-member quasi-judicial state Ballot Law Commission, chaired by attorney Brad Cook, heard testimony on Friday afternoon from both Taitz and assistant secretary of state Karen Ladd, plus Accornero and a few others.

James Boffetti, a senior assistant attorney general, advised the Commission on state law. After conferring in private, the Commission voted unanimously that Secretary of State Bill Gardner should list Obama on the ballot because the president had conformed to state statute by filing a completed form and a paying $1,000 fee. All the other issues raised were outside their jurisdiction, Cook explained.

Rappaport said before the hearing that he and Accornero were bothered by the question of where Obama was born. "We believe his eligibility, based on the U.S. Constitution (which requires that the president be a natural-born citizen) is at least questionable," Rappaport said. He also believes that the Social Security number that Obama uses is not valid.

Taitz expanded on these points. Obama, she said, had committed forgery as well as election and Social Security fraud.

The state of Hawaii has refused to show Obama's original birth certificate, which, she pointed out, constitutes obstruction of justice. The copy the state supplied is a poorly executed cut-and-paste forgery, Taitz said.

Obama's Social Security number (042-68-4425) is made up of numbers that would have been issued to a Conn. resident at a time when Obama lived in Hawaii, she said. Other evidence indicates that Obama only spent nine months at Columbia University — and not two years as a junior-year transfer student from Occidental College, Taitz said. Although he graduated in 1983 with a degree in political science, she believes he likely spent about a year in Pakistan.

"Doing what?" she asked.

His fraudulent claims, forgery, and lies mean that the man in the White House — "our Commander in Chief in charge of our military" and nuclear weapons — is not legitimate, she said.

Obama used his fraudulent Social Security number on multiple documents that, Taitz said, is "a crime in itself — a felony — that could send him to prison for 18 to 24 months.

"This is bigger than Watergate," she said.

Taitz supported her claims with an 80-page packet of materials she gave to each Commission member.

Obama, she claimed, has allegiance to three other nations: the United Kingdom, Kenya, and Indonesia — "and maybe more," Taitz said.

"Do your duty and order discovery," she urged.

Taitz charged that if the Commission did not recognize the legitimacy of her claims, then it "might be complicit in treason."

Accornero testified that he would like the U.S. and N.H. Constitutions upheld. After the vote, he shouted at Commission members: "Shame on you; you're all phonies; you should be charged with treason!"

Rappaport said he was disappointed.

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