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Summers, Jacobs run to Turkey Trot victories

More than 230 participate in 20th annual Wolfeboro Oil Gift of Warmth Turkey Trot

DYLAN SUMMERS turns down Railroad Avenue to win the 20th annual Turkey Trot on Saturday. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
November 20, 2011
WOLFEBORO — The top of the finish order in the 20th annual Turkey Trot featured some pretty familiar faces.

Kingswood grad and current Dartmouth runner Dylan Summers returned to his old stomping grounds and picked up his fifth Turkey Trot championship, while former Kingswood cross country coach Kara Jacobs, a fixture in the top women's finishers over the last few years, claimed her first Turkey Trot title.

Summers was officially 42 seconds ahead of his closest competition, former Kingswood teammate Brendan Stackhouse, but former Kingswood coach Fergus Cullen pushed Summers the entire way.

However, Cullen wasn't able to register on time and didn't count in the final standings despite finishing in second place.

Summers came home in a time of 17:05, with Stackhouse running to second in a time of 17:47. Moultonboro's Joe Smith, who finished second in the Division III cross country championships the last week in October, ran to third place overall in a time of 17:51.

Jacobs was able to run to the victory with her time of 20:39, while fellow Wolfeboro resident Elizabeth Bronson came home second in a time of 20:44. Kim Pang of Concord was the third female finisher, as she crossed the line in a time of 22:42.

More than 230 runners and walkers competed in the day's events, which included the 5K race and a 1.2-mile kids' race for those 12 and under. For the first time, walkers were given a special start time, allowing them to finish near the same time as the runners.

In the 12 and under category for the girls, Mary Kretchmer of Wolfeboro claimed the top spot with her time of 29:42. Emma Bellefleur of Wolfeboro came home second in 30:13 and Meghan Chase of Barnstead was third in 30:41. Lillian Robatalle of Barnstead was fourth in 32:07 and Gabrielle D'Empaire-Poirier of Alton finished fifth in 35:04.

For the boys in the same age group, Alton's Doug Krivitsky finished first in 25:28, followed by fellow Altonite Sam Reynolds in a time of 27:25.

In the 13-17 age group, Zoe Rafalowski-Houseman of Wolfeboro was the top female, finishing in a time of 23:29, while fellow Wolfeboro resident Bridget Hubbard came home second in 26:22. Ali Reed of Melvin Village was fourth in 29:43 and Victoria Goldberg of Wolfeboro finished fifth in 34:26.

For the boys in the same age group, Effingham's Dylan Tarbox was the overall winner in a time of 19:48, with Wolfeboro's Sean Stackhouse taking second in 21:00. Daniel Krivitsky of Alton was fourth in 21:53 and Gunner Found of Wolfeboro finished fifth in 22:08. Seth Richardson of Wolfeboro finished sixth in 22:08 and Chris Watson of Wolfeboro was eighth in 22:43. New Durham's Soren Babcock came home ninth in 23:02, followed by fellow New Durham resident Clancy Mason in 10th in 23:21. Chris Whalen of Alton was 11th in 24:36 and Anthony Krivitsky, also of Alton, was 12th in 26:49. Sam Coache of Wolfeboro finished 13th in 29:25.

In the 18-30 age group for women, Allison Neal of Wolfeboro was second in 23:09, while Mirror Lake's Polly Bush came home fourth in 27:36. Kendra Clark of Wolfeboro was fifth in 28:07 and Mariellen Howard of Sanbornville finished sixth in 29:22. Amy Mitchell of Alton was seventh in 29:42 and Jessica Snowdown of Wolfeboro came home eighth in 31:49. Liz Kelley of Wolfeboro placed ninth in 35:00, with Katie Hafner of Wolfeboro in 10th in 35:01 and Grace Kelly of Wolfeboro in 11th in 35:02. Karen Chesebrough of Ossipee finished in 12th in 35:12.

For the men in the same age group, Wolfeboro's Kurt Richardson came home first in 19:33, followed by Ty Thomassian of Wolfeboro in 20:15. Rick Sartori of Wolfeboro finished fourth in 21:04 and Keith Thomas of Wolfeboro was fifth in 21:49. Wakefield's James Hannon was sixth in 22:33 and Wolfeboro's Max Thomas came home seventh in 22:34. Matt Simons of Wolfeboro was 10th in 26:36 and Brian Burt of Wolfeboro finished 12th in 27:35.

In the 31-40 age group for women, Tuftonboro's Sarah Christian led the way in a time of 24:05, followed by Granite State News reporter Heather Terragni in a time of 24:41. Amie Cloos of Wolfeboro was fifth in 25:55 and Alton's Stacy Reynolds ran to eighth in 28:12. Sanbornville's Rebecca Carter was 11th in 28:33 and Barnstead's Veronica Rawnsley was 13th in 28:45. Kim Proulx of Wakefield took 15th in 30:13 and Brookfield's Erin Dagget was 16th in 31:25. Christina Fuller of Union placed 18th in 33:49 and Erica Cray of Wolfeboro was 19th in 34:09. Heather Goldberg of Wolfeboro finished 20th in 34:57.

In the same age group for men, Geoff Terragni finished first in a time of 18:22, with fellow Wolfeboro resident Mike Jacobs finishing second in 21:32. Scott Chesebrough of Ossipee finished third in 23:32. Frank Bellefleur of Wolfeboro ran to eighth in a time of 33:35.

For women in the 41-50 age group, Kingswood cross country coach Katy Peternel was second in a time of 24:58, followed by Tuftonboro's Heather Cubeddu in 25:01. The next five runners were from Wolfeboro, led by Deborah Bunting in 25:50 for fourth, Amy Kiley in 26:23 for fifth, Sharon Stackhouse in 26:56 for sixth, Wendy Ingram in 27:26 for seventh and Michelle Rafalowski in 27:33 for eighth. Mary Barrett of Alton was 11th in 29:07, followed by a trio of Wolfeboro women. Cathy Grubisa was 13th in 30:20, Melody Pitman was 14th in 30:59 and Maura Souza was 15th in 31:28. Alton's Cheryl Krivitsky finished 16th in 31:44, while Wolfeboro's Sarah Anderson crossed in 32:26 for 17th and Christine Noble of Wolfeboro placed 18th in 33:13. Bobbi Boudman of Wolfeboro was 20th in 35:03, Lisa Leonard of Brookfield was 22nd in 36:47 and Wolfeboro's Jackie Grasso was 23rd in 42:48.

For the men in the same group, Alan Barrett of Alton finished second in 19:40, while Wolfeboro's Gordon Ling ran to third in 19:55. Steven Beaupre of Ossipee came home fifth in 20:13, while Wolfeboro's Rob Houseman was eighth in 23:31 and David Bechard of Wolfeboro was ninth in 24:16. Andrew Krivitsky of Alton finished 11th in 27:27, while Mike Parton of Wolfeboro was 12th in 27:46. Wolfeboro Deputy Fire Chief Tom Zotti ran to 13th in 28:40, with Wolfeboro's Don Krtechmer in 14th in 29:42 and William Leonard of Brookfield in 15th in 30:15.

Wolfeboro women took the top seven spots in the 51-60 age group. Patty Walker was first in 25:07, with Marge Strunk in second in 25:18. Deb Skelley was third in 25:47 and Tracey Richardson was fourth in 26:54. Kelli Conley finished fifth in 27:11, followed by Vaune Duggan in sixth in 27:22 and Laura Maroon in seventh in 28:35. Kim Reed of Melvin Village was 10th in 30:09 and Linda Mitchell of Alton placed 11th in 33:21. Robin Cornwell of Wolfeboro finished 13th in 36:16 and Debby Burnett of Melvin Village was 14th in 36:27. Mary Patry of New Durham placed 15th in 38:11 and Sue Bennett of Wolfeboro was 16th in 39:32. Bette Frazier of Wolfeboro placed 17th in 39:53 and Tuftonboro's Diane Harrington was 18th in 40:31.

Rich Neal won the 51-60 age group for men in his time of 20:22, with fellow Wolfeboro resident Bob Mathes close behind in 20:26. Kent Crowell of Melvin Village was fourth in 25:12 and Christopher Barrett, also of Melvin Village, finished fifth in 25:39. John Babcock of New Durham finished sixth in 28:39, while Wolfeboro Town Manager Dave Ford was seventh in 32:32 and Thomas Hamon of Wolfeboro was eighth in 40:31.

Wolfeboro women took the top four spots in the 61-70 age group, with Jill Duffield winning in 24:33, followed by Ann Pratt in 32:06, Judith Russell in 35:16 and Nancy Macleod in 40:31.

For the men, Wolfeboro's Doug Cady was first in 34:09 and Alfred Poirier Sr. of Alton came home second in 36:57.

For walkers, Colyn Pineo of Wolfeboro was first in the 12 and under group in 42:56, while Alton's Christy Prainchard was second in the 31-40 group for women in 47:50. Deb Yeaton of Wolfeboro was first in the 41-50 group in 43:23, followed by Rebecca Bureau of Alton in 46:04 and Roberta French of New Durham in 50:33. Jennifer Nicolay of Wolfeboro was fourth in 50:53 and Janice Arinello of Wolfeboro was fifth in 50:56. David Troweridge of Wolfeboro was first among men in the same age group in 51:58.

In the 51-60 group for women, Jeanne Desjardins of Wakefield was second in 43:05, followed by Terri Harriman of Wolfeboro in 44:46. Antia Fair of Wolfeboro was fifth in 47:51 and Helena Hammer of Wolfeboro was sixth in 51:25. Wolfeboro's Chris Thurston was seventh in 51:27 and Debbie Carroll of Wolfeboro was ninth in 53:35. Karen Moore of Wolfeboro finished 10th in 53:38. John MacDonald of Wolfeboro was first among men in the same age group in 45:50.

In the 61-70 age group for women, Wolfeboro residents took the top four spots, with Susan Fair in first in 47:53, Lynn Hunter in second in 50:33, Harriet Johnson in third in 53:01 and Bonnie Martin in fourth in 53:34. Julie Tryder of Mirror Lake rounded out the top five in 59:23.

The Gift of Warmth Turkey Trot is run by the Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation and the Wolfeboro Lions Club and all proceeds raised go to the Lions Club's Fuel Assistance Fund. Since 1999, the fund has distributed more than $66,000 to local residents. Wolfeboro Oil returned as the main sponsor of the race and donated t-shirts to those who registered.

The Lions Club held a raffle with prizes donated by many generous local merchants and volunteers served soup, bread, cookies and cider donated by a host of local establishments.

Complete results from the race can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

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