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MAJOR AWARD winners at Kennett’s fall sports awards included, front row (l to r), Melissa Grace (cheerleading), Peter Haine (cross country), Hannah Benson (cross country), Marina Biggio (John Marsden Award – field hockey) and Kendra Strong (Suzy Engler Award – girls’ soccer). Back row (l to r), Michael Lautenschlager (Sam Fuller Award – football), Scott Conner (boys’ soccer), Ben Emery (mountain biking), Faye Roberts (Deryl Fleming Award – field hockey), Kaitlin Taylor (volleyball) and Robert Starkey (golf). Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
November 20, 2011
NORTH CONWAY — The fall awards officially came to a close at Kennett High School on Wednesday, Oct. 16, as the school handed out fall sports awards.

The evening began in the school auditorium with a slide show of images from the fall season and Athletic Director Kerry Brady thanked everyone for their hard work in making the season a success.

"Thanks to the parents, fans and community members who have come out and supported our student-athletes this fall," she said. "We started a bunch of new things and want to thank everyone for hanging in there as we worked out the kinks."

First up on the docket was the mountain biking club team.

Coach Chris Darling noted that the team participated in the first New England Mountain Biking Championships and finished fourth out of 17 schools. He then handed out the Mountain Biking Award to team captain Ben Emery, who has been a member of the team for four years and said has always been willing to help wherever needed.

Next up on the program was golf coach Joe Soraghan, who congratulated all the student-athletes for their feats throughout the fall.

Soraghan then presented the Golf Award to senior Robert Starkey, who was the team's number one golfer this season.

Jocelyn Judge took the podium next to present the award for the volleyball team.

She presented the award to Kaitlin Taylor, noting that she had impressive stats throughout the season, earning 37 percent of the team's points and a third of its hits.

Brady then took a moment and informed the crowd that longtime cross country and track coach Bernie Livingston has been selected for the Walter A. Smith Coach's Award by the Union Leader.

Livingston then took the podium to hand out the awards for this year's cross country team.

He noted that the awards are given to a member of each team who, on the field and in the school, demonstrates the qualities of loyalty, citizenship and sportsmanship, as both a follower and a leader.

He presented the awards to senior Peter Haine and junior Hannah Benson.

Coach Holly Fougere then came to the podium to present the Cheerleading Award for the newly-reformed squad. She noted that the team had a lot of fun cheering on the football team and learning new skills throughout the year.

She said the award was given to the person who showed leadership, spirit and dedication to the team and presented it to team captain Melissa Grace.

The Suzy Engler Award for girls' soccer is given to a player who is dedicated to the team, shows a love of the game and enthusiasm for the sport.

Coach Jess Lawson then presented the award to senior Kendra Strong.

Boys' soccer was up next and coach Mike Jenne thanked the administration for allowing him to continue as coach this season and also thanked trainer Andy Trowbridge and groundskeeper Andy Bechtold for their work.

He noted that the award winner caught his eye with his ability to work hard and never give up and pointed out that he was a big part of the team's successes over the last few years and led by example.

Jenne then presented the award to senior goaltender Scott Conner.

Football coach Mike Holderman took the podium next to present the Sam Fuller Award, which is given in honor of the former Kennett athlete and coach who died in battle in WWII.

Holderman noted that he had a number of kids who cared more about the team than themselves, but he said one stood above everyone else and he gave the award to senior Michael Lautenschlager.

The final sport of the evening was field hockey and coach CJ Lang presented two awards.

The John Marsden Award is given to a senior who shows great sportsmanship, a positive attitude, hard work and commitment and Lang noted that she enjoyed watching the winner improve her skills the last few years.

Lang then presented the award to Marina Biggio.

The final award of the night was the Deryl Fleming Award, which is given to a player who shows true commitment, dedication and love for the game of field hockey. Lang noted that the winner has been involved in the game beyond Kennett, but showed incredible sportsmanship and dedication to the team this fall.

She presented the award to senior Faye Roberts, who backstopped the team to a state championship last year, but had to sit out this season due to injury but remained with the team every day in practice and games.

Brady closed out the major awards portion of the evening by thanking all of the coaches, assistant coaches and volunteer coaches who helped out during the season.

Individual teams then moved on to team awards to close out the evening.

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