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Memorial triangle project delayed again

November 16, 2011
Selectmen decided during their meeting Wednesday, Nov. 9 to hold off on plans for the Gilford Public Safety Workers memorial triangle until they can conduct preliminary assessments of the intersection.

Town Administrator Scott Dunn informed selectmen that to begin construction of the memorial triangle at the intersection of Rout 11-A and 11-B, they must complete a preliminary survey and design and submit a general project management plan to the NH Department of Transportation.

Dunn received a bid for this work from Fluet Engineering Associates P.C., totaling about $9,500.

Initially, Dunn and the selectmen estimated the cost of the entire project to be around $3,000, which they would accumulate through donations to the town. They planned to complete the project at no cost to Gilford taxpayers to thank members of the police department for paying for their own firearms and fire department for constructing their new training facility without town funding.

According to Dunn, the electmen accepted almost $3,000 in donations for the memorial park, but this additional $9,500 would come from town funds — leaving Dunn to question the worth of the project.

"Do we really need to spend this money?" Dunn asked the selectmen. "It's a good deal of money."

According to Dunn, the cost could be covered in the 2011 budget, but he suggested they should look into whether or not they could have the park without changing the current intersection.

Selectmen Kevin Hayes suggested they send someone to take measurements of the existing roads to determine what options are feasible before they spend any additional funds on the project.

They decided to postpone a vote until they conducted the measurements.

Also, at the request of Fire Chief Steve Carrier, selectmen allowed $1,575 from the Water Supply Capital Reserve Fund to be used to purchase signs and materials to be posted at 25 of the fire department's water supply locations.

According to Carrier, who was not present at the meeting, members of the fire department have identified 20 additional potential water supply pump sites, and they are waiting for permission for their access.

Additionally, selectmen accepted an additional $870 on behalf of the town, of which $600 went towards repair of the fire training facility, $120 for the Bicentennial celebration, $100 for the memorial flag pole, and $50 for the Fire Department child car seat program.

Lastly, the selectmen voted to reduce the number of copies of the Annual Town Report from 1,600 copies, at about $4,600, down to 1,400 copies in hopes of reducing printing costs. Selectmen were concerned that 1,600 copies were excessive, and they were pushing to give them away.

According to Dunn, the only change this would bring would be that they would run out of copies sooner than usual. They hoped this might encourage more residents to access the Annual Town Report data on the Gilford town Web site.

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