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Commissioners propose adding Randolph to District 1

Would be grouped with Berlin, Shelburne, Success

November 16, 2011
RANDOLPH — If the subcommittee to review county commissioner districts across the state of the House Special Committee on Redistricting takes the recommendation of the Cos County Commissioners, the Town of Randolph — but not the town of Gorham — would be added to District 1 and removed from District 2.

Rep. Gene Chandler of Bartlett, who serves as the subcommittee's chairman, wrote all 10 boards of county commissioners to seek their input on redistricting.

"The commissioners agreed that Randolph is the town with a community of interest most closely aligned with the District 1 municipalities of Shelburne, Berlin, and Success," according to their Nov. 10 letter. Berlin and Randolph share a common forested boundary on the northern reaches of Randolph with no direct access.

The three Cos County commissioners — District 1 commissioner Paul Grenier of Berlin, and District 2 commissioner Tom Brady of Jefferson, and District 3 commissioner Burnham "Bing" Judd of Pittsburg — voted unanimously at their Nov. 9 monthly meeting to send on this suggestion.

The Ideal district for one district would be 11,018.33. The county's total population under the 2010 U. S. Census is 33,055, including some 750 prisoners in the state prison in Berlin.

If the 310 Randolph residents were to be moved from District 2 to District 1, the new District 1 would total 10,733, with a -285 difference from Ideal or a deviation of -2.59%.

If Randolph's population were deducted from the new District 2 total of 11,523, a difference from Ideal of 505 would be created — a deviation of 4.58%. Gorham, with a population of 2,848, would remain in District 2, leaving it without any contiguous incorporated towns in its district.

District 3 under this proposal would not change at all. Its population now stands at 10,799 with a -219.33 difference from Ideal — a -1.99% deviation.

If implemented, this change would not necessarily affect how the districts of state representatives would be drawn and would certainly not affect the state Senate's District 1.

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