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Word on the Street: Who are you going to vote for?

November 09, 2011
GORHAM A random, person-on-the-street poll of a dozen or so North Country residents show little enthusiasm and considerable disgust about politics and the upcoming presidential primary elections. It was a question that most people didn't want to answer. While Barack Obama faces little opposition on the Democratic side, a large field of Republican hopefuls is vying for the right to take him on in the general election.

By and large, it has been quiet here with only a few candidate appearances. Most notably, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, who has a home in Meredith, was here several times over the summer. He even shot a video commercial of him driving through Berlin and meeting with people. He has also garnered the support of many of the state and region's top politicians, including Executive Councilor Ray Burton.

But most people polled didn't have a preference and plan to make their minds up later. All told, one person, who asked not to be identified, said he's for Romney, and another man, Don Baker of Berlin, has his favorite candidate too, but he couldn't recall his name. "It's not Cain or Romney," he said, "the elderly gentleman." Eventually, it came to him: Ron Paul. "I like him and his ideas" especially his position on protecting the Second Amendment (right to bear arms). Coincidently, Texas Congressman Ron Paul is scheduled to appear in Berlin tomorrow.

A couple people indicated support for Obama and a few more, like Steven Taylor, of Gilead, Maine, offered strong criticism of the President, but have yet to decide who should challenge him on the Republican side. When asked who he'll vote for he said, "It sure won't be Barrack Obama. Everything he promises is a lie."

Others like Shelburne resident Roma Hayes preferred to talk about the weather than politics. She's tired of hearing report that this past October's snow was the first on record, she recalls a local snowstorm in October years ago. Getting back to politics Hayes said with hard determination, "My mind is open, but there is nothing there that I want yet." She will make up her mind late and definitely vote.

But not Sydney Bryan, of Berlin. "I don't vote," she said, "I'm not interested in that stuff." A video of Word on the Street is at www.WhiteMtNews.com

Martin Lord Osman
Salmon Press
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