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Rialto to be open by December 1

November 09, 2011
LANCASTER - The Rialto sale is moving forward. Last week, the theatre's marquee got fresh coat of paint and some general repairs. Northway Bank, who acquired the property by foreclosure last month, has agreed to lease it to the two local partners, David Fuller, Jr. and Greg Cloutier, both of Lancaster, until the sale in finalized.

"They want it open," Fuller said.

"It's nice to see Main Street have action again," said Fuller, while watching Albrite Signs, a Gorham-based company owned by Ryan Christopher. He and Glen Hawkins were busy there all day Wednesday. Christopher reported that the rare summer hailstorm knocked out several of the neon lights in the marquee.

Fuller, who recently moved into the apartment above the theatre, is excited about opening up the theatre. He said they are on target to meet their Dec. 1 opening date and also plan to hold a "Toys for Tots" event featuring the film, Polar Express, on Dec. 3-4.

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