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Prospect board brings forward budget of $7 million

November 09, 2011
ALTON — The Prospect Mountain School Board met on Tuesday, Nov. 1, and approved a proposed bottom line budget for the 2012-2013 school year of $7,012,401.

The number will be presented to the budget committee in the coming weeks.

The number brought before the board at the beginning of the meeting was $6,993,901, but the board agreed to add $5,500 to provide additional money to attract more applicants for the vice-principal position and $13,000 to pay for the repair of the baseball and softball fields.

Vice-chair Jeff St. Cyr presented a recommendation to the board to cut $34,807.63 to make up for the shortfall in the contribution by the state of New Hampshire towards the teacher's retirement fund.

This cut included trimming the amount of field trips and moving some foreign language classes towards virtual learning programs, and his proposal was approved.

Lynda Goossens, the chair of the buildings and grounds committee, announced that at the next meeting Chip Krause would be presenting a recommendation with officials from Gilford Well in attendance in addressing how to find an additional well.

The board discussed accepting bids for the replacement of the fire suppression system, which is currently taking place.

The cost of the replacing the system and flushing the system is unknown.

The board talked about a request from the lacrosse club to use fields for practice and games.

The board approved using a rotating schedule for the lacrosse club for practice; using one of the backfields and using the field behind the baseball field, and approved up to three home games on the back soccer field.

In discussing the repair of the baseball and softball fields, St. Cyr was very adamant about taking some action now.

"We need to start something in fixing the fields," St. Cyr said. "We have had this issue for eight years."

Member Terri Noyes agreed.

"It's something that needs to be done," Noyes said.

Goossens asked business administrator Chuck Stuart to get a copy of two ways to fix the fields from Krause in writing.

The board reviewed and approved the updated superintendent's agreement, which now includes indemnity insurance that is being provided by Primex.

The board talked about a proposed ropes course and climbing wall that has been taken out of the budget for next year. The issue will most likely be presented to the taxpayers in the form of a warrant article.

Principal Jay Fitzpatrick talked about the updated technology plan.

He explained that the school is now on regular schedule, as far as updating computers.

Fitapatrick said that part of the new technology plan includes replacing the computers in the labs after four years.

Goossens brought up the "pay for play" term to the board.

This is plan that some schools are using that requires students who play sports to pay the school for each sport that they play.

St. Cyr questioned this plan and asked if students are charged for participating in the high school play.

Chair Eunice Landry and member Sandy Wyatt said they were not in support of this plan.

Superintendent Paul Bartolomucci said that schools in Massachusetts have been using these types of plans for several years.

The announced enrollment at PMHS as of Nov. 1 was announced as 531 students, with 280 from Alton and 251 from Barnstead.

Bartolomucci announced that a science scholarship is now being maintained by the by the Trustee of the Trust Funds after some paperwork was filed by Shirley Lane.

The board approved final readings of the updated athletic handbook, the acceptable use policy and the policy on interrogations and searches.

St. Cyr asked if the policy on interrogations and searches would be presented to Alton Police Department before it is implemented.

Bartolomucci said that he would present it to Chief Ryan Heath in the coming weeks.

He also announced that a presentation would be made by the Southeast Regional Education Center (SERESC) at the next school board meeting.

Bartolomucci encouraged members of the community and members of the joint budget committee to attend the presentation.

The next scheduled meeting of the Prospect Mountain School Board is on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m. at the Prospect Mountain High School library.

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