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Hospital wins wrongful termination case

November 02, 2011
LITTLETON — After a three-day trial, a Grafton County Superior Court jury found that a former Littleton Regional Hospital employee was not wrongfully terminated.

Jody Gillespie and her attorney, David Slawsky, had claimed that she was let go after she raised concerns about errors in registration forms, while the hospital and its attorney, Irv Gordon, maintained that she had violated an e-mail policy by using her work computer for personal communications.

"We were obviously disappointed," said Slawsky, adding that the explanation the hospital gave for the termination didn't seem right to Gillespie and him since a number of people had also used their work computers for personal use. "There was no question that Jody was an outstanding employee."

Gordon said that of the more than 60 hospital employees who were audited in late 2008, 15 to 20 were disciplined, including Gillespie who was one of two people terminated

The hospital had little to say on last week's verdict other than it was satisfied.

"Littleton Regional Hospital is pleased by the judgment confirming the hospital's decision, in this case, to enforce evenhandedly its internal email and Internet access abuse policies and guidelines," hospital officials said in an email. "The Hospital is determined to similarly seek vindication of its position in any remaining litigation."

The hospital has been faced with about a dozen wrongful termination cases since the early 2000s. After this recent verdict, five of those suits are still pending. Most previous cases had been settled before going to trial.

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