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New booster station dedicated to Bristol's biggest booster

The recently completed, state-of-the-art, Hillside Booster Station in Bristol was dedicated to beloved and respected former Water and Sewer Commissioner turned State Rep. Burton W. Williams during a surprise ceremony on Saturday morning. Congratulations, Burt, on an honor well earned! (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
November 02, 2011
BRISTOL — In every small town, there are always those few, civic-minded individual volunteers who modestly and steadily carry out the day-to-day, nitty gritty details and downright hard work that eventually results in really big and important changes being made in the quality of life in the community.

All too often, perhaps, they are too busy to toot their own horns, or maybe, just because of something in human nature, those people go largely unnoticed and unrecognized for the full measure of their devotion and the magnitude of their contribution and public service.

But in Bristol on Saturday morning, members of the Board of Selectmen, Town Administrator Michael Capone, and Water and Sewer Superintendent Jeff Chartier had the foresight and wisdom to do a little something about that.

In an unseasonably frosty surprise ceremony held at the handsome, newly completed, state-of-the-art Hillside Booster Station on North Main Street, former Bristol Water and Sewer Commissioner turned State Rep. Burton W. Williams was singled out for years, if not decades (but who's counting?), of dedicated service to the Town of Bristol.

After a hearty round of applause and some sentimental remarks, as well as a few tears shed, if truth be told, Chartier and Capone pulled off the green tarp covering the brick façade of the pump station to reveal the name of Burton W. Williams, in slick silver letters, across the front of the building, clearly visible to all who pass by on North Main Street.

"And I didn't even have to die first," commented Williams.

Williams has been an indefatigable champion of upgrades to Bristol's high class water and sewer system, intervening with state and federal politicians, grant funders, engineers, architects and whoever else needed to be engaged to ensure that the Newfound region gets the water and sewer system it needs to serve the needs of its residents while protecting the environment and water quality of Newfound Lake, the Newfound River and the Pemigewasset.

Saturday morning, it was time to say thanks for a job well done.

"Because of your efforts, the Town of Bristol has made it into a whole new era," commented Select Board member Joe Denning. "You have done so much for the Water and Sewer Department that we decided to name a building after you. Congratulations to a very hard worker. You really deserve the recognition."

Select Board Chairman Rick Alpers was eloquent on the occasion.

"It is our honor and privilege to name this Burton W. Williams Hillside Booster Station," said Alpers.

"I travel the state all the time, and whenever I tell people that I am from Bristol, the first thing they mention is the beauty of Newfound Lake. But the very first person they mention is always Burt Williams. He is well known in all of New Hampshire. He's done a lot for this community over the years, and he should be proud of it. He helped complete the water system upgrades, the sewer treatment plant upgrades, this special project here…and someday, we'll get that sewer-to-the-lake project built."

"Oh, it's going to happen all right," responded Williams.

And if Burt Williams has anything to do with it, it will.

Martin Lord Osman
Salmon Press
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