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Fairly straightforward night for Alton planners

November 01, 2011
ALTON — The Alton Planning Board had four cases on its agenda when they met on Tuesday, Oct. 18, with many of the cases being straightforward.

Diane Chalifoux-Judge came before the board to get approval for a voluntary lot merger of lots 52 and 53 on 196 Alton Shores Road, the planning board approved her request.

Harold and Cynthia Bothwick came before the board looking for final approval of a two-lot subdivision on the easterly side of Old Wolfeboro Road.

Town planner Ken McWilliams explained that this is a pretty simple subdivision.

Bothwick owns an existing 13.69-acre parcel and he is looking to split out an 0.88-acre piece, which is about 38,000 square feet.

With the proposal, an existing driveway will be turned into a common driveway to serve the new lot as well as the original parcel.

The board of selectmen approved the waiver to permit the common driveway.

Bothwick has requested waivers dealing with left margins, soils, elevations and wetlands.

McWilliams recommended the approval of the waivers and recommended that the board accept the application as complete.

Tom Hoopes questioned the waiver on the common driveway.

The board granted the waivers and granted approval with precedent and subsequent conditions.

The board discussed Case P11-34, involving an amended final subdivision on Rollins Road, but they continued the case until the next planning board meeting.

McWilliams reported that a subdivision was done in 1980 that referred to the Springer Subdivision that created three lots that straddled Rollins Road.

There is a portion of the lots on the lakeshore side and a portion on the back side of Rollins Road.

When the subdivision was approved in 1980 there was a note placed on the plan that said that those portions of the three lots that lie west of the proposed 50-foot right of way, which is Rollins Road, shall not be used for building and shall not be sold separately.

The applicant has gone out and mapped wetlands according to today's standards, and they have also mapped the steep slope areas. They have also outlined the setbacks on those lots.

The proposal provided by the applicants, Gary Kelloway and David and Lisa Madden, is for the board to amend the note that was placed on the 1980 subdivision to allow them to build non-habitable accessory structures like a garage or a barn.

The board approved a waiver request for elevations in the wetland areas, as they provided proof that they are outside the wetland area.

Peter Howard of Steven Smith and Associates in Gilford, was representing Kelloway, who purchased the Springer Subdivision and is developing it.

David and Lisa Madden weren't present at the board meeting.

Kelloway stated that he had an agreement from a buyer and would like to compromise the 25-foot wetlands buffer.

Many members of the board didn't feel comfortable changing the previous ruling and felt that it they provided a compromise for them they would have to do it for everyone that asks.

Acting Chair Scott Williams stated that the case would be continued to the next planning board meeting.

Brian Fortier came before the board for a conceptual site plan review consultation for a campground that would be located between the West Alton Marina and Route 11.

McWilliams explained that Fortier has a 35-acre lot that he would like to develop into a recreational campground.

The property is located in the recreation service zone and campgrounds are a permitted use in this zone.

An attempt to open up the area to a campground was made back in 1997, but it wasn't completed.

The board originally approved 137 sites, but Fortier and McWilliams talked about doing it in phases, with the first phase including 50 sites.

The board provided Fortier several suggestions of what to bring before the board during the design review.

The board discussed the retaining wall across from McDonald's in town, and they also discussed the procedure for common driveways.

The board agreed to put the above items on a work session agenda at a future date.

The board approved Roger Sample as an alternate to the planning board.

The board discussed several upcoming special meetings: a meeting of the Zoning Board of Adjustment with Attorney Jim Sessler on workforce housing on Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 6:30 p.m. and committee meetings about zoning amendments with members of the planning board on Tuesday, Nov. 8, at 8 p.m. and Tuesday, Nov. 22 at 6:30 p.m.

The next scheduled meeting of the Alton Planning Board is on Tuesday, Nov. 15, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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