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Town of Northfield honored by Spaulding Youth Center

James Clements, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Spaulding Youth Center, made the presentation of the Arthur Nighswander Community Partner Award to the Town of Northfield last Thursday evening during the 53rd Annual Celebration and Donor Appreciation Reception. Accepting on behalf of the town were vice chairman of the Zoning Board, Glen Brown (left), and Northfield Town Administrator Glenn Smith (right). (Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
October 26, 2011
NORTHFIELD — The annual Celebration and Donor Appreciation Reception at Spaulding Youth Center in Northfield celebrates those who generously contribute to the education and betterment of students of the facility, who struggle with a wide range of educational, behavioral and neurological disabilities.

In addition to thanking their many donors and presenting updates on the economic forecast and developmental progress of SYC, the Board of Directors further honors those in the community who have promoted the success of the youth center each year.

For their 2011 community recognition, the Spaulding Youth Center Foundation selected the Town of Northfield as the honored recipient of the Arthur Nighswander Community Partner Award, bestowing the honor on the town after their annual dinner on Oct. 20.

James Clements, Chairman of the Board of Trustees for Spaulding, said the decision was made to honor the town due to their dedication and contribution to the success of SYC.

"We've enjoyed a valuable community partnership with Northfield as we've grown over the years, and we are grateful for the confident, courteous assistance we have received (from the town)," said Clements.

He cited specifically the excellence in service the staff and board at SYC has found in their dealings with selectmen, the Planning Board, Zoning Board, Conservation Commission and all Town Hall staff members over the years. As expansion in services continues at Spaulding to benefit both their residential and day students, Clements said Northfield has been courteous and cooperative with SYC throughout the entire planning and permitting processes involved in that growth.

Accepting the award on behalf of the Town of Northfield were Town Administrator Glenn Smith and vice chairman of the Zoning Board, Glen Brown.

"Speaking with the theme (of Clements' statements), I want to say how proud we are of a place such as this that's been such an integral part of our community for a very long time. Thank you," said Smith.

The You've Got a Friend Award for 2011 was given to more than 30 recipients, including Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Eptam Plastics, AutoServ of Tilton and many citizens, foundations and charitable trusts who benefit the children of Spaulding Youth Center. They were all warmly thanked for their "extraordinary contributions to the quality of life at Spaulding."

In their honor, the younger children of Spaulding sang "You Are My Sunshine," which earned them a standing ovation.

The older children closed the night with a powerful rhythmic presentation, inspired by the percussion of the Broadway musical, "Stomp," and again brought people to their feet in appreciation of their talents demonstrated under the direction of Arts Coordinator Andrew Raeside.

The Arthur Nighswander Community Partner Award is designated each year to recognize and thank an individual or group who has made significant contributions to the vitality and success of Spaulding Youth Center. Attorney Nighswander, besides his locally famed endeavors towards civil liberties and social justice, was an important benefactor and supporter of SYC up until his death at the age of 100 in December of 2008.

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