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Wolfeboro power outage planned for next Tuesday

October 20, 2011
WOLFEBORO — In order to repair damage caused by vandalism at Substation #2 on Filterbed Road, the Wolfeboro Municipal Electric Department will need to turn off the power to the substation for up to eight hours next Tuesday, Oct. 25.

Unidentified vandals caused major damage to porcelain insulators by throwing rocks at them. The damage has reduced the insulation on high voltage connectors and created the possibility of a "flash over" short circuit if the broken bushings are not replaced.

The power outage is planned to last from 8 a.m. up to 4 p.m. If weather interferes, the outage will be moved to the following day, Wednesday, Oct. 26, during the same hours.

Electric customers located in the following areas will experience the power outage:

Bay Street (street numbers 6 through 50, excluding Taylor Community), Filterbed Road, Forest Road, Friend Street, King Street, Mill Street, North Main Street (from number 139 north to Tuftonboro), and Varney Road.

All side streets off of these streets will also be affected.

Here are some tips (sent along by Selectman Dave Bowers) to prepare for the outage and minimize its effects:

- Before the outage starts set your freezer temperature as low as you can.

- Keep your refrigerator and freezer doors closed during the outage to avoid food spoilage.

- If continuous power is necessary, such as to a business, make arrangements to rent a generator. Patients relying on electric devices should be relocated.

- Although the time frame of eight hours has been estimated, that is not a guarantee. Make sure you have flashlights and batteries on hand.

- Take a personal inventory of what you use in appliances, communications equipment, and other electrical items and prepare to do without them.

- Turn off any items that you do not want to have come on automatically after the power is restored. You can turn them back on later.

- Remember that any businesses you might otherwise visit in the affected area might be closed or operating in a reduced mode. If you have an appointment you might want to change it, or at least check to see if the business will be open that Tuesday.

Any questions regarding this outage, should be directed to the Wolfeboro Municipal Electric Department, which is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 569-6975.

Director of Operations Barry Muccio said that his department had tried to get a portable substation in order to avoid an outage, but none were available. The damage is severe enough that putting off the repair much longer risked a major outage which might last longer and be more expensive to repair. If the outage occurred during a winter snowstorm it would be an emergency for homes and businesses affected.

Daytime was chosen to provide maximum light for safe work. A weekday was needed in case unanticipated additional parts are needed that would not be available on a weekend.

Martin Lord Osman
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