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Laura Maxfield's film to be screened at Portsmouth festival

WOLFEBORO NATIVE LAURA MAXFIELD created and directed the short film “Hunting,” which was accepted for showing at the NH Film Festival in Portsmouth on Oct. 13. (Courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
October 13, 2011
WOLFEBORO — "I've always had a strange fascination with psychosis," says Laura Maxfield, Wolfeboro native, self-described horror film buff, and creator of her own independent short film, "Hunting."

While her film was inspired by movies such as, "The Shining" and "American Psycho," Maxfield says the idea for the story germinated from the sight of a "creepy," claustrophobic hallway in a friend's apartment building. For someone who "used to spend summers watching movies in the dark" and loved to "pick apart films" with friends, it struck her imagination.

What emerged over the next eight to nine months was the story of a stressed out, overworked office worker named Tina, who is "pushed over the edge of sanity when her creepy stress dreams come true." In the process of moving into a new apartment, Tina suddenly comes face to face with the claustrophic hallway of her nightmares. Life begins to unravel. Tina starts to hallucinate and becomes haunted by her roommate, until she "takes matters into her own hands." One has to watch the film to know what that entails.

Maxfield is delighted that her 22-minute opus, shot on location in Queens and Brooklyn, will be included in the New Hampshire Film Festival's four day event, October 13 -16, with screenings scheduled in various venues throughout Portsmouth, day and night.

Her film is part of the New Hampshire Nights program, taking place the first night of the festival and featuring films made by writers either living in, from, or filming in the state. "Hunting" will be screened today, Thursday, at 12:15 p.m. at the Portsmouth Music Hall, followed by a 20-minute question and answer session.

The screening in her home state follows showings in the Big Apple Film Festival in New York City last November, the Los Angeles Short Film Festival last July and most recently, Shocker Fest in California on October 4.

A graduate of Drew University with a major in English and a minor in creative writing, Maxfield landed a couple of internships in film production, and was eventually hired by HDNet Films as a full time Executive Assistant to the head of production, a job she describes as – "intense but also exciting."

Married this past July, she has been pursuing free lance work and following her passion for film-making. Her husband's question, earlier in their relationship, "If you could do anything you wanted in the whole world what would you do?" helped crystallize her dream to write and direct.

Fundraising for the production took place over eight to nine months and included personal appeals and a four- to five-month stint on a crowd source funding Web site called Kick Starter. Her pitch included a couple of stills, a written plea/essay and a link to her own online Web site maxflyfilms.com.

Information on the New Hampshire Film Festival may be accessed on line at nhfilmfestival.com. One of the sponsors of the festival is Wolfeboro's own Avery Insurance.

Martin Lord Osman
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