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Planners approve radio shop in Barnstead

October 11, 2011
BARNSTEAD — The Barnstead Planning Board approved a pair of minor lot line adjustments and reviewed approved the application for a local radio repair shop in town at its meeting on Thursday, Oct. 6.

Pat Gallier and Jane Powers came before the board to deal with a lot line adjustment at 28 and 30 Dustin Drive.

Bernard Cote, an agent from Gemetres Blue Hills, LLC came before the board and explained that the house on lot 4A is encroaching the lot on 5A.

Cote pointed out that it needs to be done so that Gallier can sell her house with a clear title.

Cote pointed out that that the septic system would be separate issue, and that an easement would be needed and agreement between the two parties would need to be recorded into the deed.

Powers said that she was in favor of the lot line, but not the easement.

Chris Carazzo pointed out that Dustin Drive is owned by Locke Lake and is not town owned.

Cote said that the boundary lines are settled, and that the issue with the septic isn't an issue for the planning board.

Cote suggested that a septic design be done.

The board accepted the application as complete, and the approved the application unanimously.

John Bartolin came before the board and talked about open up a shop in the old ice cream place at Blueberry station.

He explained that it would be a repair shop, that would specialize in the sales and servicing of a portable radios, CBs, etc.

The board unanimously approved the application as complete and approved the application.

A minor lot adjustment was granted to John Brewitt that will allow him to apply and build a new dock on his property.

Brewitt told the board that the Malins are abutters on both sides of the property.

Chair David Murley suggested setting new pins and adding them to the new drawings of the site plan.

The board then accepted the application as complete and approved the application as presented.

Murley said that the budget for the board has been turned in and he mentioned increases that have been requested, mostly regarding an increased advertising budget.

He added that the budget for updating the Master Plan has been turned in with the planning board budget.

Murley announced that the board would hold off on discussing zoning ordinance changes until the joint work session with the ZBA on Thursday, Oct. 20, at 7 p.m. at the Barnstead Town Hall, which is the next time that the board is scheduled to meet.

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