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Katie Rose shoots music video in opposition to Northern Pass

Courtesy Photo Over 100 opponents of the Northern Pass transmission line project turned out for the filming of a video by Katie Rose Siggins, Saturday, at the Mount Washington Regional Airport. (click for larger version)
October 05, 2011
WHITEFIELD—Saturday morning, over 100 volunteers gathered on Airport Road in Whitefield to participate in a video shoot featuring Kate Rose's song "Live Free or Die." The song expresses her sentiments in opposition to the Northern Pass project. "It is amazing how much the opposition has grown in the past year, just due to awareness," Katie said.

The shoot was scheduled early Saturday morning rain or shine.

"It was so exciting to see car after car after car just pouring in" Katie said. "The energy was inspirational and powerful. Just seeing the mass of people wearing orange to show their support was amazing….when we sit alone in our houses, we can't do much, but if we join together unified, anything is possible."

It is the hope of all in attendance that the people of New England "educate themselves about the negative impact this project will have on our community ecologically as well as fiscally," Katie stressed.

The Northern Pass is a project that seeks to run high-voltage DC power lines through the National Forest in New Hampshire and into southern Massachusetts. There is a State House bill regarding eminent domain that would prevent this project from gaining any speed. HB 648 (This bill prohibits public utilities from petitioning for permission to take private land or property rights for the construction or operation of certain transmission facilities) was passed in the house and awaits approval from the senate. It is unknown at this time where that bill stands and when it will be brought to the table.

Local businesses as well as national chains donated items to make this event successful. Big Poppas vegetable stand, Dunkin Donuts, Wal-Mart, Littleton Co-op, and Pepperidge Farms to name a few.

Katie's next step in her fight to stop the Northern Pass is to finish the edits on the video and upload it to the Internet so that it will eventually reach citizens all over New England. It is her hope to acquire enough funding to place the video in the style of an advertisement on local television stations.

Martin Lord Osman
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