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Wolfeboro resident accused of July beach thefts

KERRI GUAY of Elm Street in Wolfeboro has been charged with a series of thefts from vehicles parked at Wolfeboro beaches in July. Her trial was continued to an uncertain date following a court appearance on Sept, 28. (Courtesy photo) (click for larger version)
October 06, 2011
WOLFEBORO — Elm Street resident Kerri Guay, 25, was released from the Strafford County Jail on Sept. 23 on personal recognizance for charges related to a Walgreen's Pharmacy robbery in Rochester that occurred early in the year. But her troubles are not over.

Guay reported for trial in Ossipee District Court on Sept. 28 to face a cascade of charges brought forward by the Wolfeboro Police Department resulting from four separate investigations of thefts this past July.

Chief Stuart Chase warned beachgoers to lock their vehicles when he reported to the Police Commission following Guay's first arrest in response to a call from a resident reporting that his wallet had been stolen from his vehicle while parked at Brewster Beach on July 11.

Though he cancelled his credit card, he wasn't quick enough to prevent charges allegedly made by Guay within hours at the Three Sisters Store, Sweet Grass Trading Post and the 7 Eleven store north of town on Route 28.

Officer Mark Livie's investigation of receipts, surveillance videos and interviews of store owners led to the identification of Guay as the perpetrator.

A July 10 report of theft of a missing purse, with credit cards and cash, from a couple who had parked their car at Albee Beach was followed up by Officer Guy Maloney. As in the previously mentioned case, the victim canceled her credit card, but Guay was eventually identified, with the help of a Senior Loss Prevention Officer of the Associated Grocers of New England as making purchases at Harvest Market two times in short order.

Officer Jim O'Brien responded to another citizen's report of a missing purse on July 12 that occurred, like the others, while the owner was enjoying an afternoon at the beach – Albee Beach in this case.

A tip pertaining to the general location of the stolen purse came in on promise of anonymity, and Police K9 Blek was brought to the wooded area along McManus Road for an article search.

O'Brien said Blek immediately began an off-leash search and picked up the trail of human scent, which led to the discovery of three purses. A call came in the police station that afternoon reporting a stolen pocketbook, and the caller was able to identify the recovered bag. One purse is yet to be claimed.

On July 24, yet another Albee Beach parking lot theft was reported, this time by a man whose debit card was taken. Sgt. Scott Moore took up the investigation and found that the victim's debit card was used four times at the Wolfeboro Corner Store, one time at Dunkin Donuts, the Big Apple in Ossipee and to make calls to an inmate phone line at the Stratford County Jail.

An affidavit for the arrest of Guay was completed days after the event as in the other instances, following interviews with store owners, study of surveillance videos and further research.

According to police prosecutor Tim Morgan, subsequent charges were brought forward from the Wolfeboro Police Department and the Carroll County Sheriff's department during Guay's appearance in Ossipee District Court on Sept. 28 on previous arrests relating to theft charges. Guay's attorney requested and was granted a continuance of the trial, date unknown at press time, and an arraignment on the Sheriff's department warrant is scheduled for Oct. 27.

Martin Lord Osman
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