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Vice-chair issue resolved

Barnstead members withdraw their vote, St. Cyr will be vice-chair

October 04, 2011
BARNSTEAD — During its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 27, the Barnstead School Board decided to change its vote on an issue involving the Prospect Mountain School Board.

Chair Diane Beijer suggested that the board reconsider its vote on the one man, one vote involving the election of the vice-chair on the PMHS board.

Members of the board agreed to withdraw their original vote and abstain on the vote, which would allow Jeff St. Cyr to become the vice-chair of the PMHS board.

"I hope this allows the board at the high school to move forward," Beijer said. "Our votes have always been unanimous or nearly unanimous."

The board accepted a resignation and several replacements, including a one-year substitute position and a new one-on-one special education teacher and a new paraeducator II.

The board accepted a list of co-curricular stipends, including the approval for an after school program that is run by Priscilla Tiede.

Principal Tim Rice talked about the discipline report and noticed that the numbers have been going down in September for the past couple of years.

He talked about the "Blizzard Bag" program, which will be started this year on a pilot basis. The program allows schools to try to make up snow days by sending out a homework assignment, and if it is completed by 80 percent of the students, the day doesn't need to be made up.

The program requires the approval of the New Hampshire Department of Education.

Superintendent Dr. William Compton talked about the introduction of a Mandarin instruction program.

The program is online, and Rice said that the program can be tried out for a year with a relatively low cost of $6,000 a year.

Beijer talked about the dissolving the building expansion fund and that there are several areas that need repair around the school.

She talked about the roof and wanted to point out that, "we are not talking about a new parking lot."

The fourth and final payment on the oil tank replacement fund will be going in this year, and the water filtration system is going to need repair in the future, as the media will need to be replaced.

The gym is only area in the school that still needs to have the asbestos removed and the cost of this will be quite high.

The board approved several policies including one on fund balance, one on absences and one of video taping students.

The board also approved the first readings of a policy on a substitute coordinator and a special education teacher.

Compton brought before to the board a grant totaling $85,000 that can be used for salary and benefits, and the board approved the grant.

The grant will be used for support in the math department for a full-time teacher, and then for a part-time reading instructor.

The fund balance for the fiscal year 2012 was announced as $188,058.87, with some minimal adjustments to be coming from PMHS.

Eunice Landry suggested trying to get regular updates on the budget committee meetings.

Bruce Gray, a member of the budget committee, suggested level funding the school budget and questioned the school purchasing furniture for $7,000 that wasn't approved by the budget committee.

"It's good to start the budget process now, and I applaud you for that." Gray said.

The next scheduled meeting of the Barnstead School Board is on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the Barnstead Elementary School Library.

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