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Alton planners approve site plan for laundromat

September 27, 2011
ALTON — The Alton Planning Board met on Tuesday, Sept. 20, to discuss several cases.

Town Planner Ken McWilliams reported that the West Alton Marina withdrew its application involving the construction of a new office building/office, and Case P11-09 involving a lot line adjustment at the proposed RV site that is owned by Robert Carleton was continued until the next meeting.

The board approved a lot merger on the Carleton property that allowed proper frontage for the RV park.

The board approved a phasing plan for Land X involing the Ridgewood Subdivision, which is located on Route 28.

Thomas Selling came before the board on behalf of Land X.

McWilliams calculated that the total for security for the Phase I subdivision would be $362,644.90, and that includes the 10 percent contingency.

An amendment was added that changed the completition date until May 2012.

Another motion was made and approved by the board that allowed for a complete review of the new final applications and a public hearing on the new applications, if applications are accepted as complete.

The board approved a final minor subdvision on Avery Hill Road.

Ronald Johnson came before the board on behalf of Marvin and Wendy Everson. Johnson is proposing a two-lot subdivision of a 35.8-acre pond, with one lot being 5.61 acres with 1,588 feet of frontage on Avery Hill Road and other approximately being 30.3 acres and two frontage buildings totaling about 1,105 feet on Avery Hill Road.

The board accepted the application as complete with waivers, and they approved the final minor subdivision with precedent conditions.

Member Scott Williams recused himself from Case P11-26, as it involves a final site plan review on a proposed 4,500-square foot building that will house Speedy Wash N' Go, LLC (a laundromat) and provide three additional 1,000-square foot retail spaces that will available for lease. The property is located next to the Alton Post Office on School Street and Williams is in charge of the project.

The board approved the site plan with conditional approval and also provided Williams with a set of subsequent conditions.

Case P11-27 involves a minor subdivision and a boundary adjustment at 16 Wallesten Road.

McWilliams spoke on behalf of James Hambrock, who the surveyor of the site and was unable to attend the meeting.

The issue at hand deals with the former railroad bed, which is currently owned by the Conservation Commission.

The commission owns the former railroad right of way and cannot annex land across another ownership to the land on the other side.

Chair Tim Roy said that the appropriate frontage is needed, and the board referred the case to the Zoning Board of Adjusment.

The planning board can not do anything about adjoining the two lots unless proof can be given that the land held by Conservation Commission never had a fee paid to the abutters by the railroad. They also referred him to Martin Cornelissen.

The board discussed Case P11-28, involving a five-lot major subdivision on Gilman's Corner Road in detail.

Jeffrey Green spoke on behalf of Robert Bollinger General Construction.

Roy recused himself from the case, and McWilliams explained that the application was at the design review phase.

The issue of safety involving the driveways was brought up several times.

David Lawrence spoke as a land owner that lives on Gilman's Road and he voiced his concern about the safety issues involving the driveways.

Lynne Sevey-Nemsa and Sylvia Leggett also spoke as abutters and added concerns about the safety of the driveways.

Mark Northridge spoke as an owner on Gilman's Corner and again raised safety issues.

The issues of cutting woods was raised by the abutters several times, and Roy asked if there should be a penalty of some sort to coincide with the no cut rule.

The case will be continued in the near future, and they will be coming back with a final application.

Other business

Roger Sample submitted an application to become an alternate on the planning board.

A meeting involving zoning amendments is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 11, at 5:30 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall, and a meeting involving the site plan review regulations is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 6:30 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

The next scheduled meeting on Alton Planning Board is on Tuesday, Oct. 19, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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