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Barnstead El launches new Web site

September 21, 2011
BARNSTEAD — A new Web site for Barnstead Elementary School is up and running.

Principal Tim Rice reported that the new Web site would be going live at the Barnstead School Board meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 13, and it has since gone live.

The site is much improved from the previous version and the URL is www.barnstead.k12.nh.us.

Kim Hartford will be mainting the new site and working on updating it regularly, including making the minutes from the school board meetings available online.

Rice reported that the Web site will include features including the student cafeteria menu for the week, an electronic version of the student handbook and other various documents.

Their are several new sections that have been added to the new site, including resources for students, an organized faculty and staff directory, an athletics tab and resources that are available for the staff.

Mary Dank helped with the Web site redesign and board member Shawn White thanked her for her efforts.

Other business

The board accepted the resignation of Gail McGinnis with regret, and they approved the hiring of a new one-to-one paraproffesional, pending a background check.

The enrollment for the first day of school was announced as 514 students.

Rice talked about many schools in the area with numbers that are shrinking, and pointed out the enrollment in Barnstead is holding steady and is actually slightly increasing.

Director of Special Education Anna Williams announced the number of at-risk students that require help from the special education program is going up.

She said that the "models" program may have to be eliminated if any other special education students are added to the program.

Rice announced that the Weatherbug program is up and running, and that the students are already starting to use it.

Chair Eunice Landry briefly discussed the tie one man/one vote that happened at the Prospect Mountain School Board last week, but she felt it would be wrong to discuss the issue any further during a Barnstead School Board meeting.

Each board from Barnstead and Alton seperated and cast a vote for the vice-chair on PMHS board, and the next step on this issue is mediation.

If that doesn't work, the issue will be brought forward to the New Hampshire Department of Education.

The PMHS board has been without a vice-chair since March.

During public input the issue of benches on the tables in the cafegymatorium was brought forward.

Rice reported that replacement benches have been ordered, and that they are on their way.

The next scheduled Barnstead School Board meeting is on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at 6 p.m. at the Barnstead Elementary School library.

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