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Alton Senior Center planning for expansion

THE SECOND PHASE of the renovation to the Alton Senior Center will be funded purely through private donations. Courtesy photo. (click for larger version)
September 20, 2011
ALTON — Renovations at the Alton Senior Center, which is located at 7 Pearson Road, have already begun, but financial support from the public will be needed to complete the two-phase project.

Some of the improvements have already started, including the pouring of the foundation, and the first phase of the project is expected to be completed by Dec. 1.

The first phase is being funded by the town, through the use of a building improvement fund that appropiated $45,000 during the last two years, but the second phase will be funded by private donations.

According to Peter Bolster, who is a member of the senior center committee, approximately $8,000 has been raised by donations and a fundraiser that was held at Shibley's at the Pier, which was organized by Lisa Finethy.

Other members of the senior center committee who have been working hard on this project include Shirley Young, Gerald Theodora, George Feeney, David Countway, Muriel Stinson, Bolster and David Hayden.

Town Planner Ken McWilliams and Amy Braun, the Director of the Alton Senior Center, provided assistance to the committee.

The cost of the second phase is estimated at more than $200,000, but that number will be signifigantly reduced through the donation of time and materials by local contractors.

This project includes the overhaul and replacement of a pair of septic tanks.

The current space in the senior center is quite cramped, and the proposed addition will allow more space for seniors to roam around and do various activities.

Braun is excited about the renovations.

"It will allow us to have our private meeting room," Braun said. "We can have our health and wellness clinics and private meetings."

Braun said that other groups will be able to rent the private room after hours.

A set of double-wide french doors will be installed as part of the phase-one renovation, and the United Way recently held their Day of Caring and made some improvements, including new shelving in the attic, painting of the kitchen and replacing a broken door.

Improvements will also be made to the parking lot to allow more cars to visit the senior center.

At some point the senior center will temporarily be moved to the Masonic Temple, but when they move back Braun is hoping to hold an open house.

For more infomation on the project or to make a donation, contact David Countway at 569-3648, or contact Peter Bolster at 776-1622.

Tim Croes can be reached at tcroes@salmonpress.com or 569-3126

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