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Mario Audit named supervisor of Dalton PD

September 14, 2011
DALTON — On Sept.1st, the town of Dalton announced Mario Audit as the new supervisor of police. Audit was hired as a patrolman for the town in 2000 and was appointed Sergeant in 2006, where he continued his service up until last year, taking some time off to focus on his duties as Selectman for the town of Groveton. His proven commitment has paid off, being chosen by the board over four other candidates.

Audit will be replacing John Tholl, who held the role of Chief for the past 17 years. Last fall, Dalton's board was presented with a petition signed by 130 residents to remove the former Chief from office. "He was the right Chief for that time, it just got to the point where he had too many irons in the fire", Mike Crosby, Dalton selectman said, "and he was unable to meet the demands of the town."

"This board gave him a year to save his job, and he just spread himself too thin." added Vic St. Cyr, also a Dalton selectman.

One trait that made Audit stand out among other applicants was the rapport he developed with new policemen, "taking them under his wing" Crosby said. "It's important to have a strong mentor, who raises morale." In addition, the selectmen feel that Mr.Audit has a clear understanding of what it takes to run a successful department, having both the knowledge of a board member as well as that of an officer.

"I have seen a 180 degree positive turn in the past 11 days, and I believe it will come full circle." said St. Cyr.

Officer Audit is certified in the use of the Doppler Radar, various firearms and non-lethal weapons, as well as the use of X-26 Tazer guns. This year he completed and passed the Smith Driving School program, which focuses on emergency response. He has also received training through Homeland Security addressing homegrown terrorism. When asked what he was most looking forward to upon commencement of his title, he responded, "I like the challenge, it's a breath of fresh air. We're actually going to be doing the job and turn things around."

His first order of business is to hire two more officers. He would like to be more proactive in the community, ensuring residents feel comfortable calling for whatever it is they need, including non-emergency requests. Implementing officer safety is at the top of the list, as well as installing the Spot system on all cruisers, which will allow officers to instantly be supplied with a criminal check on all drivers when a license plate is run.

The selectmen and the officers are enthusiastic about this new change and invite the public to stop in and meet the team.

Varney Smith
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