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Safeco Insurance extends a helping hand to the Pines

Summer campers at the Pines Community Center, serving Tilton and Northfield, gathered to say thank you to Safeco Insurance Company and Rosemarie Welch of Gale Insurance for a generous donation toward the scholarship fund for PCC children’s programs. They were joined by Richard Kanto and Janis O’Donnell of Safeco, Welch, along with PCC recreation director Brittni Stewart and executive director Jim Doanes. (Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
August 24, 2011
NORTHFIELD — Pines Community Center was once again the grateful recipient of a generous donation of $2,000 from Safeco Insurance Company following a recommendation for the money to be awarded to the center by local insurance agent Rosemarie Welch of Gale Insurance.

"We have an agent giving program designed for nonprofits, and so we partnered with Gale Insurance to donate this money to the Pines," said Safeco's territory manager, Janis O'Donnell.

Welch sent in an application for the funds to the Safeco office and O'Donnell said her enthusiasm about the community center assured the company that PCC was certainly a worthwhile cause they were willing to support.

"It's wonderful what they do here," agreed regional manager Richard Kanto of Safeco after observing the summer camp program and viewing the facility.

Welch said she has seen firsthand what PCC means to children and families in the communities of Tilton and Northfield in many ways. Her own two daughters grew up attending the programs offered by the center, and she herself served on the board of directors at one time.

"My girls even worked here when they got older. It's really a valuable part of the community," she said.

PCC executive director Jim Doane was pleased to accept the check on behalf of the community center, and said it will go a long way in helping children.

"We'll be putting this money into a fund to help children whose families couldn't otherwise afford for them to participate in programs we offer here. There's a big need for that right now and this will go a long way," Doane said.

Through scholarship money, Doane added, many other good things happen at PCC. Those who receive assistance for their children are often very willing to volunteer for projects and programs.

"This will help to re-establish the volunteer base here, which does so many good things for us. Thank you for your generosity," Do

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