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Colman, Conway tops again

Familiar names top the field in 30th annual Granite Man Triathlon

WOLFEBORO’S BOB MATHES prepares to dismount his bike during Saturday’s Granite Man Triathlon. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 22, 2011
WOLFEBORO — After a year away from the top of the Granite Man podium, Aaron Colman raced back to the top and captured his fifth Granite Man title on Saturday.

Jodie Conway returned to the podium for the second year in a row in topping the women's field as the Granite Man celebrated its 30th anniversary at Carry Beach on Saturday.

Perhaps the highlight of the day was a surprise presentation to Marjorie Dow, who started the Granite Man Triathlon and has been an active volunteer every year since its inception. The race is run in honor of her son, Albert Dow III, who perished in a mountain rescue in 1982.

Before the athletes took to the waters of Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro Selectman Sarah Silk took the microphone for the special presentation.

The Wolfeboro Department of Parks and Recreation's quilters retreat, led by Silk, put together a quilt featuring the 30 Granite Man t-shirts. The idea, which was the brainchild of Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation Assistant Director Christine Collins, was helped along by t-shirt donations from Art Brundt, Ed Roundy and Mary Ann Murray and Jim Rankin provided shirts for a number of years, which were copied by Calico Graphics.

The quilters who worked on the project in March included Silk, Amy Capone-Muccio, Connie Carignan, Pat Donnelly, Janine Gillum, Louise Horsken, Brenda LaPointe, Carol Maccabe and Lesley Miller. Machine quilting was done by Linda Monasky of Bear Paw Gallery.

Upon the presentation of the quilt, Dow was certainly taken by surprise and thanked everyone for continuing to honor her son with the triathlon, which benefits the Albert Dow III Memorial Scholarship.

With the pageantry taken care of, the racers went to work on the course on a picture-perfect day in the Lakes Region.

Colman, of Rye, topped the field by more than a minute, finishing in 1:28:28, while Jackson's Steve Piotrow was second in 1:29:41. Jeff Depaul of Manchester finished third overall in 1:31:47 and Jeremy Fletcher of Greenland took fourth in 1:31:58. Bruce Lander of Dover rounded out the top five with his time of 1:33:14.

Conway again topped the female field, finishing in 1:34:14, which placed her eighth overall. Megan Donovan of Manchester was the second female finisher in a time of 1:37:07, while Carolyn Cole of Cornish finished third in 1:40:06. Liz Schmitt of Durham finished in 1:42:56 for fourth place and Krista Thornton of Merrimac, Mass. took fifth in a time of 1:44:44.

Age groups

Lots of local athletes were among those taking top honors in the age groups. The top three in each age group got unique granite awards.

In the 13 to 17 age group for men, Jason Barr of Boxboro, Mass. was the winner in 2:05:36, with Steven Hurley of Hampton in second in 2:30:46.

Emerson Curry of Cambridge, Mass. won the 18 to 29 age group in 1:34:14, followed by Gregory Barr of Medford, Mass. in 1:35:57 and Christopher Richard of New York City in 1:39:50. John Goodwin of Wolfeboro raced to eighth overall in a time of 1:45:14, while Tom Maughan of Melvin Village was 11th in 1:58:20 and Carter Simpson of Wolfeboro took 12th in 2:00:42.

Brad Piccirillo of Naugatuck, Conn. was the winner in the 30 to 34 age bracket, while Brewster Academy Athletic Director Matt Lawlor raced to second in a time of 1:57:22 and Aaron Clymer of Londonderry took third in 1:57:55.

In the 35 to 39 age group, Depaul's time was tops with Fletcher taking second and Andrew Donaldson of Andover in third in 1:39:36. Neil Harper of Wolfeboro was eighth in 1:53:27, one spot ahead of Wolfeboro's Mike Jacobs in 1:54:49. Sam Ftorek of Wolfeboro was 13th in 1:59:37.

In the 40 to 44 age group, Stuart Olsen of Newburyport, Mass. claimed the top spot in 1:35:48, followed by Neil Amidon of York, Maine in 1:37:07 and Steve Bosak of Washington, D.C. in 1:42:54. KC Lincoln of Wolfeboro was fifth in 1:49:37 and Steve Kirwan, also of Wolfeboro, placed sixth in 1:50:30. Ossipee's Sam Robertson was 10th in 2:11:19.

In the 45 to 49 age group, Piotrow's time was the top time, with Scott Marr of Falmouth, Maine taking second in 1:33:56. Donald Dwight of West Newbury, Mass. took third in 1:35:34. Richard Fahy of Ossipee came home 12th in 1:59:45.

In the 50 to 54 group, Lander's time was first, followed by Peter Gamble of Portsmouth in 1:37:22. Wolfeboro's Martin Boucher took third in 1:39:39 and Peter Hess, also of Wolfeboro, finished ninth in 2:01:57.

For the 55 to 59 group, Barry Fussell of Durham topped the field in 1:39:34 and Chuck Chokel of New Castle was second in 1:43:42. Wolfeboro's Bob Mathes took third in 1:44:20, while Ronald Harrison of Mirror Lake was fourth in 1:55:45 and Wolfeboro's Dan Coons was fifth in 1:56:34.

In the 60 to 69 group, Stephen Smith of Strafford led the way in 1:41:23 and Robert Mair of Durham was second in 1:50:31. Melvin Village's Gil MacDonald took third in 2:25:51.

For the women, Leah Cole of Cornish won the 13 to 17 age group in 1:56:25, with Elley Smith of Strafford in second in 2:05:19.

Maureen MacEachern of Waltham, Mass. won the 18 to 29 age group in 1:53:25, followed by Genevieve Brock of Exeter in 1:53:55 and Mollie Smith of Lincoln, R.I. in 2:02:21. Wolfeboro's Andrea Tufts-Eaton was seventh in 2:10:04 and Melissa Kott, also of Wolfeboro, finished ninth in 2:15:45. Kristina Maus of Wolfeboro was 15th in 2:33:37.

Wolfeboro's Elizabeth Bronson won the 30 to 35 age group in a time of 1:47:52, while Elizabeth Conway of Somerville, Mass. took second in 1:49:13 and Maria Williams of Beverly, Mass. took third in 1:57:06. Wolfeboro's Amie Cloos clocked in at 2:18:35 for seventh place.

In the 35 to 39 age group, Donovan's time was tops, followed by Kirsten MacLellan of Wolfeboro in a time of 1:51:37. Nancy Epstein of Merrimack took third place in 1:52:02. Catherine Sylvain of Wolfeboro finished 10th in 2:25:06.

For the 40 to 44 group, Schmitt's time was first, followed by Thornton in second. New Kingswood cross country coach Katy Peternel finished third in 1:49:26 and Theresa Yarling of Wolfeboro placed ninth in 2:08:51.

For the 45 to 49 group, Cole's time was tops, followed by Wolfeboro's Maria Found in 1:45:31 and Mirror Lake's Fran O'Donaghue in 1:46:46.

Kristine Kahr of Madbury won the 50 to 59 age group in 1:51:29, with Amy Rappaport of Califon, N.J. in second in 1:53:44 and Honey Weiss in third in 2:05:38.

In the 60 and over group, Eleta Klene of Manchester was first in 2:03:01, followed by Jill Duffield of Wolfeboro in 2:06:04 and Linda Deyoung of Belle Isle, Fla. in 2:51:25.

Team results

Athletes also had the option of competing as a team of two or three in numerous different categories.

Among male teams, the Wolfeboro team of Found, Kiley and Sullivan ran to first in 1:37:27, while the team of John, Bechard and Duffy, also of Wolfeboro, took second place in a time of 1:41:17.

For female teams, the Demain, Ekstrom and Bosak team of Wolfeboro took first place in 1:46:35, with the team of Meehan, McKenna and Hunt of Mirror Lake taking second in 1:49:56. The team of Scott, Rankin and Rafalowski, also of Wolfeboro, took third in 1:50:38. The Keating, Barrett and Lawlor team of Wolfeboro took fifth in 1:55:06 and the team of Kiley, Kiley and Brouder of Wolfeboro finished eighth in 2:00:13. The Wolfeboro team of Bunting, Noble and Kirwan was 13th in 2:32:25.

For coed teams, the team of Finnerty, Darling and Gnazzo of Winchester, Mass. took first in 1:37:37, followed by the team of Stewart, Haley and Stewart of Mirror Lake in 1:44:29. The Wolfeboro team of Lawlor, Trahan and Lee finished fifth in 1:57:08 and the Mirror Lake team of Sheahan, Oehler and Burbank was eighth in 2:26:52.

For family teams, the Debrusk team of Contoocook was first in 1:29:28, the fastest team time of the day. The Messer team of Madbury took second in 1:43:00 and the Bird team of Andover, Mass. was third in 1:43:32. The Maughan, Maughan and Maidhof team from Melvin Village was sixth in 1:52:43, followed by the Hewitt, Sample and Cherian team from Mirror Lake in 1:57:03. The Haley team from Mirror Lake took 11th in 2:19:00, and the Van Wagner team of Wolfeboro in 2:21:06.

Among the 16 and under teams, the team of Kennedy, Smith and Moutis of Stratham took first place in 1:44:51 and the team of Meehan, McNamara and McKenna of Mirror Lake was second in 1:56:46.

The team of Desmarias and Eager from Barrington was first in the 50 and over male teams in 1:42:38, while the team of Coons and Coons won the 50 and over female team bracket in 1:56:47. For the 50 and older coed teams, the team of Sexton, Young and Beagle from St. Petersburg, Fla. was first in 1:47:16, followed by the team of Murray, Pratt and Pratt from Mirror Lake in 2:10:03 and the Cain, Bransfield and Giamberardino team of Wolfeboro was third in 2:19:32.

Complete results from the race can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

This year's Granite Man Triathlon also featured a 50/50 raffle with a pot of more than $400 and food sales. The proceeds from both of the new additions all went to the Albert Dow III Memorial Scholarship Fund.

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