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Levey outdistance locals to win Alton Old Home Day 5K

Five Altonites finish in top seven of annual race

MALLORY REYNOLDS (left) and Mackenzie Renner started and finished the Alton Old Home Day 5K together. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
August 15, 2011
ALTON — In the end, it wasn't even close.

Rob Levey of Somersworth blew away the field in the Alton Old Home Day 5K, winning by more than two minutes.

Runner-up Jack LaFreniere of Alton hung close to Levey through the first part of the course, but the 37-year-old pulled away and finished in a time of 16:16 to capture Alton's annual race.

LaFreniere finished in a time of 18:17 to take second place, while fellow Altonite Drew Tuttle ran to third place in a time of 18:23, a time matched by Alton's Britton Copley, who finished in fourth. Marc Dugas of Scarborough Maine rounded out the top five with a time of 18:31.

Among women, the competition was a bit closer, as Tracy Dickey of New Hartford, Conn. took the win in a time of 20:21, with Alton's Michelle Deroche taking second overall in 20:54. Susan Mitchell of Venice, Calif. took third in 21:01 and Alton's Renee Coppola took fourth in 22:09, just three seconds ahead of Sarah Canney of Farmington, who was the fifth woman to finish.

Local runners fared quite well in the annual event, which was sponsored by Meredith Village Savings Bank and the Alton Department of Parks and Recreation.

Prospect Mountain cross country and track coach John Tuttle of Alton raced to sixth overall in a time of 18:47, just a second ahead of former student Greg Tinkham of Alton, who came home seventh. Former Prospect Mountain star athlete Kyle Storey was 10th in 20:10, while Alton's Alan Barrett was 12th in 20:44 and Tuftonboro's Stephen Beaupre came home 14th in 20:50, one spot ahead of Deroche.

Stephen Kirwan of Wolfeboro was 19th in 21:25 and Noel Gillis of Alton came home in 21st in 21:57, one spot ahead of Coppola. Robert Deroche finished 27th in 22:15, with Steve Renner of Alton taking 32nd in 22:34. Dan Place of New Durham ran to 34th in 22:37, with Lisa Lawrence of Alton taking 36th in 22:43. Scott Cheesebrough of Ossipee ran to 38th in 22:50, the same time recorded by Alton's Ralph Newhouse, who finished in 39th.

Alton's Melissa McNeil finished in 41st place in a time of 23:05. Tobey Reynolds of Alton took 45th place in 23:42, with Wolfeboro's Judi Lemaire running to 47th in 24:09. Kris Howlett of Barnstead took 50th in a time of 24:30. Alton's Caila Kantar finished 55th in 24:52, with Sandra Woehr-Blouin of Alton in 58th place in 25:00. Nolan Sykes of Alton took 61st place in a time of 25:11 and Courtney Leavitt of Alton finished 64th in 25:17.

Meredith Roy of Alton ran to 70th place in a time of 25:49, followed closely by Wolfeboro's Nan Henderson, who crossed in 25:51. Cutlas Greeley of Alton was 75th in 26:26 and Dave Ferruccio of Alton registered the same time to take 76th place. Dylan Tuttle of Alton was 79th in 26:35, with New Durham's Rocco Bishop taking 82nd in 26:55. Larry Storey of Alton was 83rd in 27:01, followed by Alton's Stacey Reynolds in 27:04 and Alton's Andrew Krivitsky in 85th in 27:05.

Hannah Deroche of Alton came home in 87th place in a time of 27:23 and Donald Cundy of Alton took 90th place in a time of 27:36. County Attorney Melissa Guldbrandsen of Alton finished in 94th in 27:59 and David Sykes of Alton was 95th in 28:01. Timothy Mucher of Alton finished 97th in 28:03 and Laurence Storey of Alton was the final local runner in the top 100 with a time of 28:04 for 98th place.

Alton's Doug Krivitsky placed 102nd in 28:28 and Matthew Johnson, also of Alton, finished 104th in 28:53. Alton's Betty Kretschmer was 105th in 28:56 and Cameron Place of New Durham finished in 107th place in 29:03. New Durham's Stephanie McEvoy finished in 111th place in a time of 29:13 and Chris Downey, also of New Durham, finished in 29:21 for 114th place. Alton's Stephanie Storey was 117th in 29:29 and Wolfeboro's Jeremy Sprince placed 119th in 29:35. Amy Mitchell of Alton took 121st in 29:39. Alton's William McKellar finished 125th in 30:03 and Alicia Lawrence of Alton was one spot back in 30:06.

Wolfeboro's Julie Sprince finished 130th in 30:21 and Cheryl Krivitsky of Alton was 131st in 30:31. Middleton's Nick Dube finished 132nd in 30:32 and Jeanie Storey of Alton placed 133rd in 30:33. Colby Sykes of Alton was 134th in 30:45 and Shelly Newhouse of Alton was 135th in 30:48. Terri Gemas of Alton clocked in with a time of 30:56 for 138th place and Signe Therrien of Alton was 141st in 31:06. Drew Stazesky of New Durham placed 142nd in 31:13 and Clinton Lagace of Alton was 144th in 31:16. Stanley Moulton of Alton ran to 148th place in a time of 31:32.

Molly Quinn finished 155th in 32:12 and fellow Alton resident Lucas Therrien was 157th in 32:13. Anna Deroche of Alton was 161st in 33:00 and Nathan Archambault of Alton placed 162nd in 33:07. Alton's Ruth Larson finished 164th in 33:16.

Places 167 through 172 all belonged to Alton residents. Sylvia Leggett finished in 33:30, Shelby Therrien crossed in 33:32, Samuel Reynolds clocked in at 33:33, Connor Lagace finished in 33:33 as well, Mark Therrien finished in 33:44 and Robert Shirey registered a time of 34:01.

Nicole Glidden of Alton registered a 174th place finish in 34:18, the same time registered by New Durham's Deborah Tremblay, who finished 175th. Matt Place of New Durham was 176th in 35:04 and Christina Fuller of Union was 177th in 35:07. Jen Estes of Alton placed 178th in 35:08 and Jules Mucher of Alton was 179th in 35:15.

Alton residents claimed places 182 through 187. Mary Barrett finished in 35:45, Baysider reporter Tim Croes finished in 35:48, Mary Doherty finished in 35:51, Markus Luciven also finished in 35:51, Linda Mitchell crossed in 35:55 and Karen Wheeler registered a time of 36:49. Merrie Marks of New Durham placed 189th in 37:03 and Stephanie O'Brien of Alton crossed in 194th place in 38:13. Wolfeboro's Patti Cain and Lois Conley finished 197th and 198th respectively with identical times of 38:27.

Gabriela D-Empaire-Poirier was 202nd in 40:11, the same time registered by Alfred Poirier of Alton in 203rd place. Donna Dube of Middleton was 204th in 40:18 and Paula Hammond of Effingham took 205th in 40:19. Ossipee's Melody Healy finished 206th in 40:20 and New Durham's Mary Patry took 207th in 40:46. Lori Kirwan of Wolfeboro registered the same time for 208th place.

Alton's Marlo Pelchat took 210th place in 41:20 and Middleton's Rebecca Prosper raced to 213th in 41:27. Luke Deroche of Alton finished 216th in 41:50, while Alton's McKenzie Renner and Mallory Reynolds finished with identical times of 43:41 for 219th and 220th places. Kathryn Archambault of Alton placed 223rd in 44:40 and Barbara Rott of Barnstead was 224th in 44:46. Lara and Tuesday Renner of Alton came home with the same time of 47:00 for 225th and 226th places. Rebecca Rose of Alton was 230th in 53:33 and Nicole Rott of Barnstead registered the same time for 231st place. Chris Rose of Wolfeboro placed 235th in 54:55. Places 237 through 244 were garnered by Alton residents. Cameron Lagace finished in 56:01, Katharine Lagace finished in 56:03, James Lagace finished in 56:40, Patrick Quinn crossed in 56:41, Mackenzie Monahan finished in 56:43, Meredith Quinn finished in 58:22, Zoe-Jane and Anna Ranson finished in times of 1:06:32.

Complete results for the Alton Old Home Day 5K can be found at www.coolrunning.com.

Martin Lord Osman
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