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Edith's Tennis Tournament concludes another successful year

Edith’s Tournament participants take part in the ‘Hit it to win it’ competition during action Saturday in Moultonboro. Jeff Lajoie. (click for larger version)
August 08, 2011
MOULTONBORO – If there's been one constant during the 15 years of the Edith's Tennis Tournament, it's that the weather has almost always been perfect for competition.

That was again the case on Saturday, as warm temperatures and sunny skies greeted the nearly 30 competitors in the field, held at the Moultonboro Recreation Area on Playground Drive.

"The weather has almost always cooperated every year we've played the tournament," said Moultonboro recreation director Donna Kuethe.

That sentiment was shared by many who have taken part in the event over the years.

"I can't really remember it ever raining here," said Karin Nelson of Moultonboro, who has played in the tournament on about 10 occasions. "It's warm today but bearable. The wind makes it a little bit easier so it's not too bad."

The tournament is held in honor of Edith Hazeltine, who passed away from cancer in 1997. The former town official was a big supporter of the recreation department and an avid tennis player.

"A lot of her friends encouraged us to do a tournament after she passed and it just continues to be a great event that we've been able to keep going for 15 years now," said Kuethe.

Hazeltine's son Brad, who lives in Stratham and also has a place in Moultonboro, said the tournament is a great reminder of one of his mother's favorite pastimes.

"She played every Tuesday and Thursday and she loved getting together with all her friends," he said. "But this is really a testament to Donna and everyone to be able to keep this going after all these years. It means a lot to me and my family. There's a core group of people that have been playing just about every year so it's nice to see familiar faces."

All proceeds from the tournament, which has been played in the same location since its inception, go to the American Cancer Society.

"It's a great cause," said Hazeltine, standing just a few feet from the bench his mother's friends chipped in to buy in her honor.

The turnout for this year's tournament was up from the last few years, said Kuethe. Divisions included junior singles (boys and girls), men's and women's doubles, and mixed doubles. The divisions featured eight-game pro sets in a round robin format.

"The mixed doubles used to be run in a separate tournament in July but this was the first year we combined them so that helped with the turnout a little bit I think," Kuethe said.

In addition to the actual tennis, participants have the opportunity to win a plethora of prizes in the annual 'Hit it to win it' competition. Prizes are scattered around the court with any shot making contact resulting in winning the prize.

"It's amazing the amount of stuff that is donated to the tournament," said Hazeltine.

The $20 registration fee includes a t-shirt and lunch in addition to draw into the tournament. And if that's not enough, a raffle is held to give away even more prizes.

"We have a lot of people contributing so it's great to see people showing their support after 15 years," said Kuethe.

The results from the tournament are as follows:

Junior singles – First – Nick Reed, second – Daniel Sett, third - Noah Sullivan;

Women's doubles – First – Aubrey Nelson and Karin Nelson, second – Jane Rice and Claranne Bechtler;

Men's doubles – First– Bill Melone and Ken Fenton, second – Herb Greene and Trevor Greene;

Mixed doubles – First – Krista Crabtree and Bill Crabtree (Sean McKinley substituting for Bill due to injury), second – Aubrey Nelson and Kenneth Hill (Bennett Whitley substituting for Kenneth due to injury).

Martin Lord Osman
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