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Community Service Center takes over book sale at Tex Mex

July 27, 2011
BERLIN—The clients and staff of the Community Services Center on Willard Street worked hard collecting and sorting donated books for the July book sale at the Tex Mex on Main Street across from City Hall.

The center is a local agency that serves people with developmental disabilities. Some of those clients have been assisting at the sale bagging, rearranging stock and greeting.

One on hand was Berlin native Travis Roy who cheerfully helped customers carry the heavy books to their cars.

Danielle Hayford, a team leader at the center said, "It's been an amazing opportunity for us." Adding that the sales not only gives the clients an opportunity to learn and work but that the money will give them the money to do thing like swim at Royalty, bowl, etc.

It will also help fund a scholarship that will provide books for a graduating senior from a Berlin and Gorham.

The sale is being held throughout the month of July or till the books sell out. Current hours are Monday and Tuesday from 12 to 3 p.m. and Thursdays from noon to 5 p.m. to coincide with the occurrence of the farmer's market.

Customers expressed appreciation at the resurrection of the sale begun by the American Association of University Women (AAUW) but neglected in past years.

"It's a popular thing. I'm so glad you revitalized it", exclaimed Andrea Philbrook of Gorham.

The thousands of books are all donations. The center got the word out any way they could from a banner in the Tex Mex's window to a flier inserted in a local newspaper. Donations were dropped off and pick ups were made. Over 200 books were gained in one stop.

Some, of course, could not be resold after having gotten musty from being stored in moist basements and such, but that was a rare occurrence.

A few are not out for sale at all, but staff is working with booksellers to get as much as they can for items published in the early 1800's with the hope they are worth big money.

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