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Pair dominates Pemi Youth Center 5K and 10K

Lex Williams and Lesley Hocking both win 5K and 10K races

Lex Williams of Hanover won both the 5K and 10K portions of Saturday’s Pemi Youth Center race. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 25, 2011
PLYMOUTH — Runners in Plymouth on Saturday got a couple of looks at sheer domination.

Lex Williams of Hanover and Lesley Hocking of Dover won both the 5K and 10K portions of the Pemi Youth Center road race.

Williams crossed the finish line in the 5K in a time of 14:44, then came right back to win the 10K in a time of 31:29. Hocking was the top female in the 5K in 18:02 and then went right back out and led the women in the 10K in a time of 38:36.

In the 5K portion of the race, the top local finisher was Olympian Justin Freeman of New Hampton who crossed in a time 14:54 to finish third overall.

Other locals also crossed the finish line in the race to benefit the Pemi Youth Center.

Tim De Roehn of Plymouth was 13th in 18:59, followed closely by Aaron Woods of Campton in 19:01. Joshua Furbish of Plymouth was 15th in 19:15 and Patrick McElaney of Plymouth was 16th in 19:34.

Dylan Spitzer of Campton ran to 20th in 20:22, with Kyler Mulherin of Rumney crossing in 24th place in 20:53. Caitlin O'Donnell of Holderness was the top local female in 21:32 for 27th place, with David Berton of New Hampton taking 28th in 21:33. Andrew Hovey of Rumney placed 30th in 22:07, Paul Berton of Plymouth was 33rd in 22:24 and Tom Lamb of Plymouth was 34th in 22:51.

Preston Fuller of Ashland crossed the line in 44th place in 25:19, while Groton's Michelle Chamberlain was 46th in 25:41. Frank Harris of Rumney placed 47th in 25:47 and Gary Finkle of Thornton was 48th in 25:49. Plymouth's Peter Moore finished 50th in 26:04.

Art Bourgeois of Plymouth placed 59th in 28:25, with Al Morris of Bristol taking 62nd in 28:49 and Brooks Bergholm, also of Bristol, was 64th in 28:57. Virginia Battles of Holderness finished 67th in 29:13, Barbara Coonan of Plymouth was 69th in 29:45 and Tom Wallace of Rumney was 71st in 30:26.

Madeline McElaney of Plymouth took 75th in 30:50, with Gisela Estes, also of Plymouth, finishing 77th in 32:21. Mark Poisons of Wentworth took 78th in 32:39, with Catherine Loesch of Holderness taking 80th in 33:35. Annie Doyle of Bridgewater finished in 84th place in 37:05 and Kathi Fuller of Ashland was 86th in 38:46.

Amy (39:29) and David (39:30) McKenney of Wentworth finished 89th and 90th, with Elizabeth Lachapelle of Campton in 91st in 39:30. David Moore of Holderness was 94th in 40:28. Paul Estes of Plymouth finished 97th in 41:48, Cynthia Levesque of Rumney took 98th in 46:21, Marianne Yeaton of Plymouth finished 99th in 46:22, Heather Rockwell of Plymouth was 100th in 51:19, the same time registered by Kathleen Rockwell of Plymouth in 101st. Janet Dunn of Plymouth finished 103rd in 54:23.


In the 10K race, the top local finisher was David Chorney of Bristol in 34:07, while Ryan Twomey of Plymouth was eighth in 36:48 and Jim Boulé of Campton placed ninth in 38:00.

Jeff Clark of Holderness ran to 12th in 41:01 and Matthew Fisk of New Hampton placed 14th in 42:08. Armand Girouard of Plymouth finished 16th in 42:14, one spot ahead of Plymouth's Cynthia Coffin, who crossed in 42:27.

David Leverone of Rumney took 20th place in 43:19 and Mark Mauro of Waterville Valley ran to 23rd place in 44:55. Plymouth's Nathaniel Smyth took 30th in 48:40 and Gene Fahey of Holderness took 31st in 49:34. Jennifer Ernst of Plymouth finished in 51:01 for 35th place and Lauren Bergeron of New Hampton crossed with a time of 51:30 for 37th place.

Gunnar Baldwin Jr. of Plymouth took 42nd in 53:18, Paul Johnson of Campton finished 44th in 54:24, Meagan Shedd of Plymouth was 46th in 56:39 and Scott Shedd of Rumney recorded the same time for 47th place. Megan Rand of Plymouth was 48th in 56:46 and Jacqueline Downing of Plymouth took 49th in 57:22.

Penny Huymen of Holderness placed 52nd in 57:29, with Teese Mosenthal of Campton finishing 53rd in 57:48. Plymouth's Eric Hoffman finished 54th in 58:12, while Richard Manzi of Plymouth took 60th in 1:03:05. Deborah Morrill of Dorchester was 61st in 1:03:07 and Kelly Oakley of Rumney took 62nd in 1:04:48. Alisha Robert of Grafton was 64th in 1:09:24, Kathleen Manzi of Plymouth was 65th in 1:11:19, while Steve Rand of Plymouth recorded the same time for 66th place.

Compete results are available at www.coolrunning.com.

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