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Two crashes bring total to 37 at Ossipee intersection

A SECOND ACCIDENT in two days at the Route 28 and Route 171 intersection sent an Ossipee woman to the hospital on Thursday, July 14. (Mellisa Seamans photo) (click for larger version)
July 21, 2011
OSSIPEE— Two crashes at the intersection of Route 28 and 171 last week brings the total to seven in the past year, according to Ossipee Police records.

On July 13 at 3:17 p.m. Michael Dinapoli, 77, of Arlington, Mass. was attempting to cross Route 28 in his sedan when he drove into the path of Robert Davis, 54, of West Ossipee who was driving a pickup truck southbound on Route 28. Dinapoli, his wife and Davis were all taken to Huggins Hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries.

On July 14 at 6:53 p.m. Karen Adams, 64, of Ossipee was attempting to cross Route 28 from Old Granite Road (Route 171) to Water Village Road (Route 171) when she drove into the path of a sport utility vehicle being driven by John Hewitt, 41, of Melvin Village who was heading southbound with his young son in the backseat. Adams was taken to Huggins Hospital and treated for unspecified injuries. Hewitt and his son were apparently uninjured and declined medical treatment.

According to the data collected at Ossipee Police Department, the seven accidents at this intersection during the time period of July 2010 to July 2011 makes a total of 37 accidents at this intersection in the past 10 years. Though it does not seem that it was a factor in last week's accident, Ossipee Police Sgt. Robert King said one of the biggest problems that has attributed to past accidents is vehicle turn signals. He said when drivers signal to turn onto Route 28 from Route 16 the turn is not sharp enough to deactivate the turn signal. If the driver does not notice and cancel their turn signal, it is often still blinking as they approach the Route 171 intersection, wrongly conveying to motorists waiting to enter Route 28 that they are turning. Because of this, in many cases motorists have pulled out onto Route 28 in the path of oncoming cars. There is a very small sign at the Route 28 and Isaac Buswell intersection near Route 16 that was installed by the Ossipee Highway Department alerting motorists to cancel their turn signal.

A call to NH of Transportation revealed that about 5,000 cars travel on Route 28 in the Route 171 intersection area daily. Questions about the overall safety of the intersection, any studies that have been done regarding safety or the process for making improvements were not answered as of press time.

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