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Police warn residents to watch out for thieves

July 21, 2011
WOLFEBORO — Wolfeboro Police Chief Stuart Chase warned residents of an increase in theft in the area at the July 14 meeting with the Wolfeboro Police Commission. Someone has rummaged through several cars in Birch Hill Estates, garages have reportedly been entered, and pocketbooks have been reported stolen from parking lots at public beaches.

Chase said that credit cards and cash were the targets in the beach incidents and noted that the pocketbooks were left in plain view in unlocked cars. He said that a suspect has been developed in those matters and the department expects to issue warrants in the near future.

While some of that activity comes with the seasonal increase in population and outdoor activity, a more disturbing burglary trend in the Laconia area seems to be spreading recently to Wolfeboro. Two incidents occurred in Sewall Road homes between July 8 to 10.

Chase said that two high-end bicycles were stolen in one home and a purse containing credit cards and cash were taken in another, most likely in the early morning hours between 1 and 4 a.m. He pointed out that air conditioning units in operation can mask the sound of an intruder.

The department has developed possible suspects but residents are encouraged to report any suspicious activity to the department at 569-1444. Meanwhile, Chase urges people to exercise simple but necessary precautions such as locking their cars and locking their doors before retiring at night.

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