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School board discusses Tomlinson's resignation

July 20, 2011
The Gilford School Board met Monday, July 18 to accept the resignation Derek Tomlinson, a member of the board for the past six years.

According to Kent Hemingway, the newly appointed Gilford Superintendent, in accordance to state laws RSA 197:26 and 671:33, the board must begin the 30-day applicant period, during which they will accept all possible applicants before the consideration period.

"This is truly the board's decision," said Hemingway. "There is no timetable for the consideration period."

According to Kurt Webber, School Board Chairman, notices will be posted in the SAU office at 2 Belknap Mountain Rd., as well as in local newspapers. The responsibility of posting these notices is the superintendent's.

The board gave no reason for Tomlinson's resignation, and would not disclose his letter of resignation.

In adherence to state law, the applicant considered by the board will serve in Tomlinson's place until the next scheduled election in March 2012, when the public will have an opportunity to vote in a replacement to serve out the remaining year of Tomlinson's term.

"We don't hold a special election for a vacant seat," said Hemingway. "The [considered applicant] will only be serving till the next district election."

According to Webber, there will be three school board positions up for election next March; two full three-year terms, and the one-year remainder of Tomlinson's term.

Remaining members of the school board will consider new applicants at their next regularly scheduled meeting in September.

In other business, at Webber's suggestion, board members decided to move the Public Comment portion of their regular meeting back in the agenda to allow those in attendance to hear all issues under the old and new business sections.

"I don't think it makes sense to have public comment before new and old business," said Webber.

The board voted in agreement.

The public comment section will now occur before the non-public session.

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