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"New" Home Day is fun for the whole family!

No, not a snowstorm in July... It was the Plymouth Fire Department Foam Field on Main Street in downtown Plymouth this past Saturday afternoon, a popular part of the entertainment extravaganza known as Family Fun Day, an annual community fundraiser for the Bridge House Homeless Shelter...and just a a great time for everyone! (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
July 20, 2011
PLYMOUTH — Other communities have Old Home Day, but Plymouth has something just a little different.

New Home Day, as it is affectionately called by its admirers, or otherwise, Family Fun Day, is an entertainment extravaganza for kids of all ages.

The annual event is a fund-raiser for the Bridge House Homeless Shelter, and as such, helps to support ongoing efforts to transition local families into a new home of their own. But it is also well known as just "good clean fun" for families from throughout the Pemi-Baker region, particularly those who found themselves dancing in the ever-popular soap bubble foam field on Main Street, courtesy of the multi-talented crew from the Plymouth Fire and Rescue.

This year, the event attracted many hundreds of people to downtown Plymouth, where an afternoon of food, music, games and community spirit reigned supreme. The Plymouth Rotary helped by doling out the hamburgers and hotdogs, grilled chicken, popcorn and soda—all of which was needed to fuel the energy required for the intense athletic competition going on throughout the day.

Bye, bye, pie! One of Plymouth's newest residents, Amber Hebert, age five, rejoices in successfully completing her part in the highly competitive blueberry pie eating contest. Amber has lived in Plymouth exactly two weeks, and considered the Family Fun Fair a great way to be introduced to her new community. As of this past Saturday afternoon, she was feeling like she loves it here! Don't we all! (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
Out in front of Rand's Hardware, the unique Plymouth style musical chairs competition got underway, under the expert supervision of the C-man's Alex Ray and generous business sponsor Chris Owens. Dozens of eager participants started out in the competition, but quickly dropped out of the running as chairs were whisked away in rapid succession at frequent intervals, and many found themselves left out in the cold...and wet, if they were randomly doused by the "masked man" with the hose. No matter; the water helped to cool off the overheated athletes, as well as remove the egg stains from the seats of their trousers (you had to be there). But when it was all said and done, young Chris Ebner occupied the last chair standing, narrowly beating out his intensely competitive father, and about 50 other enthusiastic Plymouth residents vying to win the $100 cash grand prize. Congratulations!

The blueberry pie eating contest was even more messy. But considerably more delicious.

Meanwhile, there was miniature golf, hula hoops, shimmying up a slick wooden pole to try for the $20 bill pinned to the top notch... and perhaps the most satisfying activity of all — ceramic plate smashing, yes!

Shoppers could pick up real bargains at the Ladders Gift Shop "extension" on the Common during Family Fun Day. Ladders is a retail recycled goods boutique on the campus of the Bridge House that provides lovingly used household goods to the public and entrepreneurial experience for residents. Ladders is open regularly at the Bridge House, Friday through Sunday from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. Check it out!

Representing another ongoing initiative at the Bridge House, there was a dangerously cute corner of the Plymouth Common reserved for cuddly puppies...up for adoption from the White Mountain Rescue, under the temporary supervision of Lisa Lord, the saintly foster mother of 11 pups, and owner of five more shelter rescue dogs. She brought along four new puppies — a Boxer mix, a Border Collie, Shepherd mix... and several other mixed breeds... unidentifiable, perhaps, but utterly adorable nonetheless. All the dogs have been rescued from high volume kill shelters; found their way into the arms of excited dog lovers-to-be on Saturday afternoon and are seeking permanent homes. How can you resist? The Bridge House regularly fosters White Mountain Rescue Dogs as part of it's on campus activity.

Victorious! Musical Chairs Champion Chris Ebner narrowly beat out his father, and no less than about 50 other Plymouth residents, to win the $100 grand prize in the wild, wacky and wet musical chairs competition. Here he is carried to victory by his comrades, in the last remaining lawnchair, for a presentation ceremony by Master of Ceremonies Tim Keefe at the Gazebo on the Plymouth Common. Excellent work, Chris! (Marcia Morris) (click for larger version)
The Bridge House Homeless Shelter is located on Highland Street in Plymouth (adjacent to the Whole Village Family Resource Center), and is committed to ending homelessness in the Pemi Baker Region.

Financial Contributions are welcome at any time. For more information on programs and services offered at Bridge House, visit the Web site at www.tbhshelter.org. Or call 536-7631.

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