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Ekstrom, Found top 20th annual Granite Kid field

GRANITE KID participants pose for a group photo after Saturday’s race. Joshua Spaulding. (click for larger version)
July 18, 2011
WOLFEBORO — The 20th annual Granite Kid Triathlon is in the books and Anya Found and Davis Ekstrom will go down in history as the winners.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect for the almost 120 kids registered for the event, and things got under way at Brewster Beach on Saturday morning.

The fastest time overall went to Ekstrom, as he won the 7-8 age bracket for the boys with a time of 17:18. Found was the top girl in the race, as she won the 10-11 age bracket with her time of 17:59.

First off the starting blocks was the five and under group, as those athletes got the chance to tackle the course before the older kids got their chance.

For the boys, the fastest time was Luke Haley of Mirror Lake, who finished in a time of 6:04, with Paul Conway Jr. of Framingham, Mass. coming in second in a time of 6:16. The remainder of the finishers were from Wolfeboro. Curtis Cloos was third in 6:19, followed by Healy Larson in 6:51, William Pechinsky in 7:25, Tyler Dove in 8:21, Alistar James Fleming in 9:22 and Colton Weidner in 9:25.

For the girls, Phoebe Knoll of Portland, Mass. was first in 5:18, followed by Wolfeboro's Tessa Demain in 5:27 and Betty Hall in 5:43. Wolfeboro's Ellie Parker was fourth in 6:45 and Laura McKenna of Tuftonboro was fifth in 6:46. Lucy Parker of Wolfeboro was sixth in 7:20, Hayden MacLellan of Wolfeboro was seventh in 7:32, followed by Abigail Fleming of Wolfeboro in 7:40 and Emily Rowley of Milton, Mass. in 7:54. Laurel Osgood of Wolfeboro was 10th in 9:05, Virginia Hudson of Wolfeboro was 11th in 9:05, Madeline Tarter of Wolfeboro was 12th in 9:18, Addison Barrett of Chatham, N.J. was 13th in 9:47, Nadia Janetos of Madbury was 14th in 11:29 and Rose Kiley of Andover, Mass. was 15th in 11:53.

On the girls' side of things for the older ages, Wolfeboro's Ana Ekstrom won the 6-7 age group in a time of 21:18. Annie MacLellan, also of Wolfeboro, was second in 22:09, followed by Lauren Prevaveau of Stoughton, Mass. in 24:12. Elizabeth Murphy of Reading, Mass. was fourth in 24:56 and Sara Riedell of Needham, Mass. placed fifth in 26:27. Abigail Weidner of Wolfeboro was sixth in 26:29, Sophia Rowley of Milton, Mass. was seventh in 26:33, Anna Rowley of Milton, Mass. was eighth in 27:56, Molly Kiley of Andover, Mass. was ninth in 28:19, Micharla Riedell of Needham, Mass. placed 10th in 28:38, Makenna Vincent of Wolfeboro was 11th in 30:37 and Julia Rowley of Dover was 12th in 31:07.

In the 8-9 age group, Amelia Osgood of Wolfeboro led the way in 20:17, with Sarah Peternel of Wolfeboro in second in 20:18 and Lindsay MacLellan of Wolfeboro in third in 22:32. Margaret Haley of Mirror Lake (fourth, 21:00), Lexi Yurczyk of Wolfeboro (fifth, 25:01), Stphanie Reap of Amherst (sixth, 25:28), Greer Melville of Asheville, N.C. (seventh, 26:11), Grace Kiley of Andover, Mass. (eighth, 28:21), Maggie Kirwan of Wolfeboro (ninth, 30:54) and Tasha Hipple of Tuftonboro (10th, 35:23) followed.

For the 10-11 age group, Found was the winner, with Tuftonboro's Eileen McKenna in second in 19:05 and Shayla Meehan of Mirror Lake in third in 19:53. Abby Coulter of Mirror Lake (fourth, 20:19), Mary Peternel of Wolfeboro (fifth, 20:51), Virginia Skelley of Wolfeboro (sixth, 21:22), Julia Daigle of Wolfeboro (seventh, 23:02), Maeve Keene of Wolfeboro (eighth, 23:11), Anne DeCastro of Falmouth, Maine (ninth, 23:20), Eliza O'Donnell of Milton, Mass. (10th, 24:14), Gabrielle Morton of Newton (11th, 24:34), Katie Hoppler of Lee (12th, 25:26) and Brooke McMahon of Wolfeboro (13th, 25:53) rounded out the bracket.

For the 12-13 age group, Audrey Duvall of Durham took top honors in 19:05, followed by Jenna Howland of Durham in 19:06. Ryanne Murray of Wolfeboro was third in 19:08 and Cat Lennon of Wolfeboro finished fourth in 19:15. Becky Peternel of Wolfeboro was fifth in 19:46, Hannah Demain of Wolfeboro was sixth in 24:12, Stephanie Brunelle of Brookfield was seventh in 24:33 and Emily Skelley of Wolfeboro was eighth in 26:03.

Annie Peternel of Wolfeboro won the 14-16 age group in a time of 20:30, with Marley Jenkins of North Hampton finishing second in 21:36.

For the boys, Colby Simmons of Wolfeboro topped the 6-7 age group in a time of 19:18, followed by Teddy Hall of Wolfeboro in 20:33. Dustin DeJager of Wolfeboro grabbed third in 23:12. Kieran Tang of Harisburg, Va. (fourth, 23:32), Nicolas Tanner of Hinesberg, Vt. (fifth, 23:35), William McKellar of Alton (sixth, 26:30), Craig Doherty of Wolfeboro (seventh, 26:58), Charlie Prenaveau of Stoughton, Mass. (eighth, 27:03), Tyler Parker of Wolfeboro (ninth, 29:15) Kai Melville of Asheville, N.C. (10th, 33:57) rounded out the division.

In the 8-9 age group, Davis Ekstrom, the fastest athlete overall, was the winner, followed by Robert Doherty of Wolfeboro in 20:15 and Adrian Northrop of Ossipee was third in 20:20. Aidan Janetos of Madbury (fourth, 20:24), Jack Haley of Mirror Lake (fifth, 21:37), Reid Demain of Wolfeboro (sixth, 23:37), Parker Snyder of Arvada, Colo. (seventh, 24:48), Benjamin Rosenfeld of Westborough, Mass. (eighth, 25:26), Derek Keene of Wolfeboro (ninth, 25:33) and Carter Rowley of Dover (10th, 33:21) rounded out the division.

In the 10-11 age group, Brett Stevens of Brookfield came out on top with his time of 17:20. Brett Conley of Wolfeboro took second in a time of 18:26, followed by Quinn Simmons of Wolfeboro in 18:33. Zachery Gibson of Wolfeboro (fourth 19:23), Bryce Northrop of Ossipee (fifth, 19:29), Quinn Demain of Wolfeboro (sixth, 20:12), Cameron Stinchfield of Wakefield (seventh, 20:29), Monty Jones of Wolfeboro (eighth, 20:33), Alexander Robertson of Ossipee (ninth, 20:54), Jackson Hipple of Tuftonboro (10th, 22:38), Martin Keene of Wolfeboro (11th, 21:22), Jimmy Murphy of Reading, Mass. (12th, 23:31), Jonah Poulin of Barnstead (13th, 23:59) and Cameron MacDonald (14th, 26:11) rounded out the division.

In the 12-13 age group, Jack Jenkins of North Hampton took first place in 17:59, followed by Alex McKenna of Tuftonboro in 18:18 and Chris Watson of Wolfeboro in 20:06. The remainder of the finishers were from Wolfeboro. Douglas Keene was fourth in 21:54, Joe Bonnell was fifth in 22:42 and Lou Bonnell was sixth in 27:45.

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