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Route 28 changes discussed

Stockbridge Corner Road intersection among focal points of plans

THE PROPOSED changes along Route 28 are shown in this map. Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
July 13, 2011
ALTON — A public hearing was held by the New Hampshire Department of Transportation to discuss proposed alterations to Route 28 near Stockbridge Corner Road on Wednesday, July 6.

A commission made up of Mel Borrin, Donna Sargent and Russell Dumais conducted the hearing to determine if the project should continue.

Members of the public, abutters to the project and town officials were invited to submit input on the proposed alterations.

Trent Zanes, a design engineer working on the project, explained the proposed alterations to Route 28.

The project is part of the state 10-year plan, and Zanes explained that one of changes would be fixing the slip ramp located on the eastern side of Stockbridge Corner Road.

The steep grades of both the eastern and western entrance to Strockbridge Corner Road would also altered.

Drainage along Route 28 would also be fixed under the proposed plan.

A right hand turning lane would be added to Route 28 for cars traveling northbound from the west to turn on to Stockbridge Corner Road.

Tree growth would be removed from the corner of Route 28 and Stockbridge Corner Road to provide adequate sight distance.

Poor sight distance on the corner of Hamwoods Road and Route 28 would also be fixed with the proposed alterations by removing tree growth and widening the ditch line.

A 2,000-foot stretch of Route 28 to the south of the Stockbridge Corner Road intersection would be widened on both sides, 12-foot lanes and four-foot shoulders.

Zanes reported that 20 accidents have been reported between January 2000 and December 2009 at the Strockbridge Corner Road intersection, with 15 involving personal damage only and five resulting in injuries.

During the same time, nine accidents were reported at the Hamwoods Road intersection, with four involving personal damage only and five resulting in injuries.

In both areas, the majority of the accidents were for traffic traveling northbound.

Zanes said that the project would impact wetland areas, with the majority of the work involving the drainage/trenches on 13,000 square feet and widening of Route 28.

He also said that the project would have no adverse effects on historic properties.

Victoria Chase talked about the right of way process and how it would work.

Appraisals would be prepared for each piece of property and would submitted to the commission.

The commission would then offer compensation to each property owner. Deeds are prepared and the owners can accept the offer or file an appeal with the New Hampshire Board of Tax and Land.

The project is scheduled to go out to bid in April 2012, and the final design, contract plans and right of way procurement should be completed by the fall of 2012, and the project has a targeted completion for the fall of 2013.

Wayne Fraser asked about trees and rocks that have been installed along Route 28 as a result of the tornado and how they could be impacted by the proposed alterations.

Zanes said the trees could block the line of the sight, but that the DOT would together with the neighbors on the project.

Fraser also asked how many feet of Stockbridge Corner Road would be altered by the project and was told by Zanes that 200 feet to the east and west would be affected.

Written statements and other exhibits can be submitted to the Chairman of the Commission, c/o William J. Cass Director of Project Development, NH Department of Transportation, PO Box 483, Concord, NH, 03302-0483 up to 10 days after the hearing on July 6 to inclusion in the official record.

A detailed copy of the proposed changes can be found at www.nh.dot/projects/alton14121d/index.htm.

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