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No formal charges yet in Dittmeyer case

July 14, 2011
OSSIPEE— As of press time, there was no new court date set for two of the three men arrested in connection with the Krista Dittmeyer murder case and none of the men were indicted during this month's grand jury session.

Anthony Papile, 28, and Michael Petelis, 28, both of Ossipee remain in jail and were scheduled to appear in circuit court (formerly district court) in Ossipee Monday at 2 p.m. for probable cause hearings. The prosecution and the defense agreed to reschedule for a later date to be determined by the court.

According to state law, anyone charged with a felony offense that has not yet been indicted by a grand jury is entitled to a probable cause hearing. At the hearing, a circuit court judge decides whether there is sufficient evidence linking the defendant to the alleged crime.

Trevor Ferguson, 23, of Tamworth is charged with conspiracy to commit robbery in connection with this case and remains in jail after waiving his probable cause hearing in May. According to state law, prosecutors have 90 days from the date a probable cause hearing is waived or held to garner an indictment from the grand jury.

Carroll County Grand Jury convened and issued indictments July 8, according to court clerk James Peale. Full copies of the indictments were not available as of press time but Peale did confirm that Papile, Petelis and Ferguson were not on the list of those indicted. The grand jury meets about every six weeks so the next available opportunity will be Aug. 19.

Grand juries are charged with listening to evidence presented and making the decision whether or not the prosecution has presented enough evidence to warrant the case moving forward. If they find there is sufficient evidence, an indictment is issued. Without grand jury indictments, felony charges do not move forward to trial in Superior Court.

Papile is being held without bail and charged with second degree murder. Petelis and Ferguson are charged with conspiracy to commit robbery and are being held on $250,000 cash bail. In the complaint filed by NH Attorney General's Office, Papile and Petelis are accused of luring the 20-year-old Portland, Maine mother to Petelis' apartment on Route 16 in Ossipee. The complaint alleges that Papile hit her on the head with a rubber mallet and she made her way up the stairs to the apartment. Both men are accused of binding her with duct tape and putting her in the trunk of her car. Allegedly Papile drove her car to Cranmore Resort in North Conway and then dumped her in a snowmaking pond.

It is a case that has made national news after a passerby at 6:30 a.m. April 23 alerted police to Dittmeyer's car that was found running with its hazard lights on in the parking lot at Cranmore. Police found Dittmeyer's 14-month-old daughter in the backseat unharmed and searched for four days before finding Dittmeyer's body in the snowmaking pond. Ferguson is accused of giving Papile and Petelis a ride back to Ossipee from Cranmore in exchange for a share of the drugs and money allegedly stolen from Dittmeyer. The three men were arrested May 11.

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