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Ron Paul drops by Northland Restaurant and Dairy Bar

July 11, 2011
BERLIN — Texas Representative Ron Paul was in the North Country this past week meeting with local supporters. Thursday evening he was found at the Northland Restaurant and Dairy Bar in Berlin. Local well wishers and families eagerly posed with the republican presidential candidate while his staff treated themselves to some of the proffered ice creams.

In a brief one-on-one interview Paul was asked about plans to bring troops home are. He was also told that some area people had expressed concern that if it is done in haste withdrawal could pose a greater danger to the troops.

To which Paul said, "Nothing could be more dangerous than for them to stay."

According to Paul bringing the military personnel home would be done as quickly and safely as possible. "Not in 48 hours", he said, as that would be reminiscent of the end of Vietnam, the "image most have in mind."

Rather, Paul went on, it would happen not in days but in weeks or a month or two.

In the meantime Paul hopes the people will support his views of foreign policy, especially that of non-intervention. "Don't tell others what we're doing," he said, "don't get involved in civil wars". That they will insist the president consult congress, not NATO or the U.N. when declaring war.

"People don't even know how many wars we're in," he exclaimed, counting out countries where soldiers are actively fighting: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya. In Paul's view the United States should not be involved in those countries' battles, but should be developing friendship and trade. "Our best interests are served by non intervention."

On a more local note with a national touch, Paul was told about the federal prison built in Berlin but not housed with inmates.

To Paul it is a "typical bad decision." His suggestion was that if the land is state owned the building should be converted to be a school or some institution the community needs more instead of a jail.

"We have too many prisons, that's a bad industry," Paul declared, and went on to say that the United States, though having only 5 percent of the world's population has 25 percent of the prisoners.

Told that local residents have been looking forward to 300 promised jobs and the residual money that would come with the operation of such a facility Paul explained that the general environment trickles to local business. That when the general economy falters, small towns suffer too.

Martin Lord Osman
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