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Community support helps win big grant for the Pines

Staff and campers at the Pines Community Center in Northfield gathered recently to say a big “thank you” to the 3M plant in Tilton for a $15,000 grant to help with building maintenance on the facility, which serves both Northfield and Tilton residents. Representing 3M’s Community Action Team last week were Joe LaPlante, Susan Laflamme, Candace Robinson and Barry Livingstone. (Donna Rhodes) (click for larger version)
July 06, 2011
NORTHFIELD — Once again, the Pines Community Center staff and children gathered to say a big thank you last week, this time to the Community Action Team of the 3M plant in Tilton, which recently awarded the facility a $15,000 cash grant toward their building maintenance fund.

"The people of these two towns (Tilton and Northfield) rallied and voted to support the Pines when their annual funding from the towns was in jeopardy. Organizations like ours pay attention to things like that; it validates to us what they do here. Their support definitely made a difference in the Pines being selected for this grant," said 3M public relations director Barry Livingstone.

Each year, 3M plants are allotted money to distribute to worthy causes and organizations who apply for grants. In 2010 alone, 3M disbursed $58 million worldwide, with one-half million of that in New England alone.

"Our plant has $2,000 to give to local charitable groups, and we have another $60,000 regionally available that we can also use," said Susan Laflamme, Human Resources representative and a member of the company's Community Action Team.

Plant manager Joe LaPlante said applications for the funds are available online each year, and those received by the November deadline are then placed under consideration by the team. Once reviewed, any funds awarded are disbursed in the order in which received.

The contribution to PCC was actually made available through a third facet of 3M's charitable foundation, allowing the local plant to give an unusually high award to the recreation center.

"This is the largest grant we've distributed from our plant in Tilton," said Laflamme.

Doane said the money from 3M was going to make a big difference towards the list of maintenance projects he and the council have designated for the facility.

Of biggest concern is the roof of the building, which has needed repairs for some time.

"This money will go a long way toward doing what was started seven or eight years ago for the roof of the Pines," said Doane.

That project, the "Adopt a Shingle" fundraising campaign, was near and dear to the heart of the late David Tryon, who was part of the Pines Community Center's council at the time the need for repairs arose. His widow, Nancy Tryon of Tilton, was very pleased to hear something her husband had worked so hard toward would now become a reality.

"David would be so grateful that the Pines will finally be able to get the roof fixed, and would be justifiably thankful to 3M for their generosity. 3M is a wonderful neighbor in this community. Their largesse has helped many non-profit agencies in this area," Tryon said.

Livingstone also gave a lot of credit to the diligence of Doane in completing the application process for the grant.

"Jim jumped through all the hoops these grants require, and stuck with it. Not everyone who applies for funds through our company does that, so he is to be congratulated," he said.

Doane said he hoped to see construction on the roof begin this fall, once summer camp is over and the plans have been reviewed by the council.

"We're just very grateful to 3M for this generous amount of money. We can't thank them enough for helping us and the people of the communities we serve," he said.

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