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Prospect wraps up spring sports season

COURTNEY BENNETT poses with Assistant Principal John Houlihan after being honored for her state championship in the 3,200 meters. Kathy Conway-Frangione - Courtesy Photo. (click for larger version)
June 20, 2011
ALTON — Even Mother Nature couldn't keep Prospect Mountain athletes, parents and family members from celebrating the spring sports season.

The school had no power on Tuesday, June 14, but the student-athletes who participated in track, baseball, softball and tennis were still honored at a ceremony.

The school's generators were on, allowing the awards to go on in the cafeteria, but the slide show put together by students wasn't available due to the power outage.

Senior track star Courtney Bennett was presented with a plaque honoring her state championship in the 3,200 meters.

Also, the 2010 boys' track team members were presented with their runner-up banner, which will hang in the school gymnasium.

The NHIAA Sportsmanship Awards are handed out to two players on each team who represented their school and community with respect on the field.

The JV softball honorees were Samantha Misiaszek and Brooke Burley, while Mike Hederman and Carter Sheldon were the JV baseball winners.

Elin Sund and Emily MacDuff were the winners for girls' tennis and the boys' tennis winners were Mytchel Cookinham and Tony Stohlberg.

Cristina Varney and Dagny Brown were the girls' track team honorees and Nick Bachelder and Matt McGinnis were the winners for the boys' track team.

Amelia Sweezy and Allison LaRoche were the varsity softball winners and Andrew Hederman and Austin Perrin took home the award for the baseball team.

The Prospect Mountain Booster Club also presented its traditional Scholar-Athlete Awards. Players are given a certificate the first time they receive the award in a school year, a pin the second time and a medal the third time.

For the girls' tennis team, Nicole Dwyer, Ciera Libenson, Elin Sund and Shayna Sweezy received certificates and Sarah Clifford, Stephanie Pryor and Cassandra Russell were presented pins.

For the boys' tennis team, Sean Perkins earned a pin and Ben Couch earned a medal.

Celeste Banfill, Karie Bilodeau, Dagny Brown, Heather Charest, Savannah Decoff, Abagayle McMahon, Sarah Mayberry, Melanie Rice and Caitlin Vogel were the athletes from the girls' track team earning certificates, while Karalee Jannini, Emily Barrett, Emelie Morton, Mikayla Cauler and Julia Carter received pins. Danielle Tidd, Anna Jortikka, Kelcey Marsan and Courtney Bennett were presented medals.

For the boys' track team, certificates went to Nick Bachelder, Mark Jannini and Zach LeRoy, while Ben and Matt McGinnis both earned medals.

Samantha Misiaszek was the lone certificate winner from the JV softball team, while Anna Hingston received a pin. Kali Gadomski, Shannon Meyer, Ashlee Roy and Zoe Wenzel were presented medals.

For the varsity softball team, Jenny Carter, Julie Parker and Allison LaRoche earned certificates, Michelle Laliberte, Kirby Beranger and Monica Buffum were presented pins and Sahara Brown was given a medal.

For the JV baseball team, Cliff Doiron and Bryan Gavill were given certificates, Mike Hederman was given a pin and Zach Robertson received a certificate.

Jake Biscoe, Jay Mousseau and Jeff Olmsted were the certificate recipients from the varsity baseball team, while Andrew Hederman received a pin and Anthony Frangione, Austin Perrin and Spencer Goossens all received medals.

Additionally, the NHIAA honors athletes who participated in three sports a year for all four years of their high school careers. Allison LaRoche, Courtney Bennett, Kelsey Hannafin, Greg Tinkham, Ben Couch, Anthony Frangione and Spencer Goossens were honored.

Following the award presentations in front of the entire group, the teams then split up into individual groups for team awards.

For the JV baseball team, Zach Robertson, Bryan Gavill and Tom Pasquariello were all presented with the Coach's Award.

For the JV softball team, Brooke Burley, Anna Hingston and Ashlee Roy all earned Coach's Award honors.

For the varsity baseball team, Zack Drouin and Jake Biscoe received Outstanding Contribution Awards, while Pat Cassidy was named Most Improved Player. Danny Miller, Anthony Frangione and Spencer Goossens all received the Coach's Award.

Coach Gary Noyes, Sr. also offered his special thanks to Tom and Kathy Frangione for their dedication to sports at Prospect over the years.

For the varsity softball team, Michelle Lizotte earned the Coach's Award, while Julie Parker took home the Most Improved Player Award. Alexa Hingston was named Player of the Year and Sahara Brown was honored for making First Team All-State.

Emily MacDuff was named MVP of the girls' tennis team, while Elin Sund won the Sportsmanship Award and Fallon Rouleau won the Coach's Award. The team of Nicole Dwyer and Shayna Sweezy was presented the award for Best Doubles Team.

Zack Carson earned MVP honors for the boys' tennis team, while Morgan Roy won the Most Improved Player Award. Jesse Brown and Ben Couch both took home the Coach's Award.

For the boys' track team, Greg Tinkham was Most Valuable Player for the running events and Ryan Soucie was named Most Valuable Player for the field events. Ben McGinnis won the Coach's Award and Harvey Beck won the Most Improved Player Award.

Kelsey Hannafin won the Most Valuable Player for field events for the girls' track team, while Courtney Bennett was the winner of the Most Valuable Player for running events. Sarah Simoneau earned the Most Improved Player Award and Karalee Jannini took home the Coach's Award.

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