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45 seniors graduated from Gorham High on Friday

June 18, 2011
GORHAM — The 123rd Gorham graduation ceremony was held in the early evening on Friday in the Gorham Middle High School gymnasium, as 45 seniors were recognized and celebrated for their achievements. There was a full-house of energetic families and friends and emotions were high as the seniors ended their high school years.

Live music enhanced the ceremony when the school band opened up with a short rendition of the Rocky movie theme song into Elgar's "Pomp and Circumstance," as the graduates marched down the bleachers to the front of the gymnasium. Christa Rousseau and Linda Montminy sang the National Anthem and received applause and many cheers for their stunning vocal performance. Principal Keith Parent then welcomed everybody.

Principle Parent announced that the ceremony was being recorded and put up a Skype, an internet website, so Linda Montminy's father, who is in Kuwait serving in the military, could watch her graduate live. Montminy stepped up and spoke heartfelt words to her dad, adding some tears to the ceremony. The student addresses came up next.

Salutatorian Mallory Coulombe offered her class some kind words and congratulated them. Valedictorian Adam Simard gave a short speech and told his classmates " Andy Mckee wrote a song entitled "Drifting" which I feel sums up how we all wish to go through life: Calmly and pleasantly." He then temporarily removed his gown to perform his solo acoustic version of the song. After his mind-blowing performance, he received a huge applause.

Superintendant Paul Bousquet then came to the podium as the guest speaker. He told a humorous tale about possible future occupations of each student whose careers would take them to great places. He continued his speech with a more touching note and he gave the graduates words of wisdom before congratulating them. At the end of his speech, he received a standing ovation.

Principal Parent then presented awards, honors, and scholarships to the graduates. Scholarship representatives from the community gave out thousands of dollars to the deserving young men and woman for their hard work and accomplishments. After, Principal Parent said, "Okay, let's get these guys some diplomas."

45 graduates were handed their diplomas by school board members Barney Valliere and Jo Anne Carpenter, as well as by principle Parent who presented the graduating class of 2011 at the closing of the ceremony.

The graduates marched to the beat of the band and headed outside for pictures, handshakes, and hugs, ending their days as Gorham High students, and opening the next chapter to their lives.

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