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Leaving Alton Central 'incredibly difficult decision' for Kuras

PRINCIPAL BONNIE JEAN KURAS, pictured here at a recent science expo, will be stepping down as principal at the end of the school year. Tim Croes. (click for larger version)
June 08, 2011
ALTON — Alton Central School Principal Bonnie Jean Kuras has been in her position for four years, and the miles have added up.

Kuras has been commuting 140 miles a day from her home in the Peterborough area.

With her husband working at Plymouth State University also commuting 140 miles a day and a teenager that has started to drive, Kuras wanted to be closer to home.

"It was time to come a little big closer to home," Kuras said.

Kuras made the decision to step down as principal at Alton Central School and will be taking a job as principal in the Winnisquam Regional School District.

Kuras and her husband plan on moving closer to Plymouth in the future and taking the job at Winnisquam will make the move easier.

Even with the long commute, Kuras said the decision to leave ACS wasn't easy.

"It was an incredibly difficult decision to make," Kuras said.

She recalled walking into the building for her second interview some four years ago and being greeted by one of the maintenance workers singing "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean."

"I felt like that was a pretty special way to be welcomed," Kuras added.

Over the years, Kuras has developed a special bond with the teachers at ACS.

"The staff has become my second family," Kuras said.

Kuras has relished the opportunity to work with Superintendent Kathy Holt.

"I definitely have to say that I am leaving a boss that has been an incredible mentor," Kuras said. "She tops the list."

Kuras has also enjoyed working with the school board on many different issues, some rather difficult, and problem solving through them.

She will miss walking through the halls and interacting with the students.

"It's a systematic memory about every interaction that I've ever had with every child in the building," Kuras said. "I can walk this building from stem to stern and have many interactions with children that result with me walking away with a smile on my face."

Kuras has thoroughly enjoyed working with the families and children at ACS and will miss those interactions the most.

"The families share their kids with me every day," Kuras said. "I know that's what I am going to miss each and every day, whether it's a student coming and reading to me in my office or having the opportunity to teach with teachers in their classrooms."

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