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Wolfeboro remembers those who served on Memorial Day

STATE SENATOR JEB BRADLEY spoke at the Cate Park Community Bandstand at the end of Memorial Day services in Wolfeboro last Monday, May 30. Standing to the left of Bradley is American Legion Post 18 Post Commander Harold Chamberlin. (Heather Terragni photo) (click for larger version)
June 02, 2011
WOLFEBORO — Wolfeboro celebrated Memorial Day Monday with a parade of military veterans marching from Brewster Field to Cate Park, decorating several war monuments along the way.

At the parade's conclusion keynote speaker State Sen. Jeb Bradley summed up the purpose of Wolfeboro's parade and other similar Memorial Day events in a few brief words.

"As we pay tribute and remember the greatness of our country, and have a willingness to fight for the destiny that we have created, let us never stray, let us never forget the sacrifice of those who have made our country what it is: the land of the free and the home of the brave."

One of Wolfeboro's most patriotic citizens American Legion Post 18 Commander Harold Chamberlain again coordinated a Memorial Day celebration for the town that was succinct and congruent with the holiday's objectives.

About 16 veterans marched alongside him to the tune of Don Liedke's Kingswood High School band, making stops at Brewster Field, Carpenter School, the post office, and Dockside in order to decorate local monuments.

Through the effort of Wolfeboro's American Legion Post 18 the flagpole outside of Wolfeboro's Main Post Office is an actual monument in honor of the many victims of Sept. 11, 2001, explained Chamberlain.

At each of the four stops, the flag was raised and "Taps" was played after members of the Ladies Auxiliary decorated each monument with a wreath and small American flag. Then after a succession of three shots was fired, the men and women, representing all branches of the armed service, moved on to the next monument.

"Again our nation has assembled to honor its heroic dead," Chamberlain read from a popular American Legion narrative at the bandstand in Cate Park. "A thousand battles of land and sea and air echo the glory of our valiant deeds. On the quiet sod or beneath the murmuring waves their bodies sleep in peace, but in the destinies of our veterans their souls keep marching on. Because of them our lives are free, because of them our nation still lives."

In conclusion he urged onlookers, many of whom were dressed in red, white, and blue or variations thereof, to "pledge [themselves] anew to patriotic service" and shared that he was grateful for the day's display of patriotism.

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