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Reclamation plan for fire site comes before planning board

May 24, 2011
ALTON — The Alton Planning Board met on Tuesday, May 17, and a proposed reclamation plan for the Alton Bay Christian Conference Center was the main focus of the meeting.

Russ Sample, representing the Alton Bay Campmeeting Association, and John Taber, the executive director of the ABCCC, came before the board to discuss the project.

Town planner Ken McWilliams said the plans lack details and are not accurate, specifically the topography details that were left off of the plans.

McWilliams pointed to three infiltration pits and requested to have an engineer take a look at the design.

The plans have changed from rebuilding the ABCCC to stabilizing the land, so a new alteration of terrain permit will be needed.

Sample said that the AOT permit should be coming in the near future.

Chairman Tim Roy asked about a time limit on the project. McWilliams said the conditions of the approved site plan haven't been met and that it has been a nonconforming lot for the last 18 months.

McWilliams also voice concern about a foot path on Glenn Ave. because drainage calculations haven't been done on that path.

Roy and member Thomas Hoopes want to see the details on the plan showing what the proposed site will look like once it is finished.

Sample said he was ready to start removing gravel from the site but decided not to because he heard someone in the town was objecting to the removal and that he may be forced to put the gravel back.

Sample said that there are 4,000 yards of gravel that need to go out, and there was a buyer set up previously.

Taber said the removal of the gravel will help pay for the installation of loam and wildflowers in the future.

McWilliams said when the revised AOT permit comes in Sample could start removing the gravel. Sample understands that he can't work on pathways or the infiltration system.

McWilliams said he could provide a letter approving the removal of gravel from the site.

McWilliams suggested that once the needed details are added to the plan the town engineer, Pete Julia, should take a look at the plan.

Sample asked if he could stockpile other materials on the site while removing the gravel, and Roy said that he doesn't see a problem with that.

Taber said the goal was to have the loam and wildflowers in the ground by June 1 and have all the equipment and machinery off the site by July 1.

Roy suggested that Taber look into seeing if insurance would cover the loss of the topsoil that burned in the fire.

McWilliams said after an amended site plan is complete a notice would need to be sent out to the abutters by May 31, if they wanted to try to address the case at the June 21 meeting.

Roy said the board could also hold a special meeting to help the project go along with the time constraints that they are under.

McWilliams pointed out that if the gravel is removed something needs to replace it.

Sample said the site will look far superior to what is there now once the project is completed.

Earlier in the meeting, the board continued case P11-10 and case P11-09, which focus on a proposed RV park that is owned by Robert Carleton.

The board agreed to conduct a site walk on Thursday, June 9, at 5 p.m. The board will meet at the Water Industries' parking lot, members of the public are invited to attend, questions can be directed through Roy at the site walk and a rain date is set for Monday, June 13, at 5 p.m.

Vice-chairman Scott Williams suggested listing names of members when votes are listed in planning board minutes in the future. Members of the board agreed that this should be a policy in the future.

The board approved the minutes for March 15 and April 19, with a couple housekeeping errors corrected.

McWilliams said that a draft of the site plan regulations would be coming before the board in the near future.

The next scheduled meeting on the Alton Planning Board is on Tuesday, June 21, at 6 p.m. at the Alton Town Hall.

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