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Kingswood High students attend Washington conference

KINGSWOOD CLOSE-UP YOUTH CONFERENCE PARTICIPANTS spoke to Wolfeboro Rotary Club members last Wednesday, May 11, in appreciation of the clubís financial support of their attendance at the week long conference in Washington D.C. Shown here are (l-r) Social Studies Department Head Jamie Myers, Zach Holland, Caitlyn Brooks, Rotary President Malcolm Cook, and Garrett Conkey. (Elissa Paquette photo) (click for larger version)
May 19, 2011
WOLFEBORO — A group of Kingswood Regional High School students traveled down to the nation's capitol with their social studies teacher, Jamie Meyers, to attend a Close-Up Youth Conference the week of April 17 - 22. They were eager to meet other students from around the country and discuss a range of current topics. While in Washington D.C. they also had the opportunity to tour the capital and learn about the nation's history.

Money earned from collecting fees at football and basketball games, a $750 gift from the Wolfeboro Rotary Club, and family contributions made the trip possible for the six participants: Caitlyn Brooks, Max Gustafson, Garrett Conkey, Kiley Runnals, Zach Holland and Amy Thornton.

They returned to enthusiastically share their excitement in finding out that no matter the distance in miles among the attendees or differences in skin color or ethnicity, they had much in common.

Sessions on immigration reform, human rights and domestic issues were on the docket as well as tours of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and visits to the World War II, Korean, Vietnam and Lincoln Memorial for study and reflection.

Zach Holland, this year's Outstanding World Affairs student, an award bestowed by the Social Studies Department, said that he particularly enjoyed debate sessions, in which students could study information, choose a position and then defend it.

Several commented that their visits to the monuments included talks on both political and historical context that broadened their perspective.

Brooks, Conkey and Holland attended the May 11 Rotary Club meeting with Meyers to extend appreciation to the club for its support and comment on the experience.

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